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Today we bring you an explanatory guide with everything you need to know about How To Get Gate Keys in Solo Leveling Arise.

Within the world of Solo Leveling Arise, the doors are key elements to get to the action, since these are the largest source of monsters and although finding these doors is quite easy during your adventure, the real challenge will be when trying obtain the keys, since these, despite being easy to locate, are quite expensive, making them difficult to obtain.

Keep in mind that these doors will be classified from E to S, and that as you increase in rank with the doors, the greater difficulty they will have, however, their rewards will be totally worth it, in addition, you will find with different types of doors: Normal Door, Bonus Door, Dungeon Break, Special Door and Red Door, of which the last two will offer you a large number of available elements that can be useful throughout your journey. , which is why these tend to be the preferred choice for players. Now, if you want to know how to get the keys to discover the elements and surprises that these doors offer you, keep reading.

How To Get Gate Keys in Solo Leveling Arise

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Initial Allocation and Daily Refresh:

New Hunters in Solo Leveling Arise receive a base allotment of 10 Gate Keys. These keys function as entry tokens for dungeons, allowing players to engage in combat, collect resources, and progress through the game.  This initial allocation refreshes daily at a designated reset time, ensuring a consistent supply for dungeon exploration. Additionally, as players progress through the Hunter Rank system, their maximum Gate Key capacity may increase, further enhancing their dungeon exploration capabilities.

Purchasing Additional Keys:

For Hunters seeking to maximize their dungeon exploration beyond the daily refresh, the in-game shop offers the option to purchase additional Gate Keys. These keys are available in packs for a set amount of Essence Stones, the game's primary resource.  It's important to note that purchasing keys while possessing the maximum capacity will not grant additional refreshes at daily reset.

Gate Key Consumption and Replay:

Upon entering a dungeon, one Gate Key is consumed. This consumption occurs regardless of successful completion or failure. However, players are free to replay a previously cleared dungeon without expending another Gate Key, allowing them to refine their strategies or farm specific resources.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide on How To Get Gate Keys in Solo Leveling Arise will be very helpful to you and that you will be able to obtain these special keys that will be the key so that you can discover the multiple adventures and surprises that these doors hide, all of this, of course. , while you enjoy the experiences that Solo Leveling Arise has for you.

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