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In this guide entry, we will explain how to get blessing stones in Solo Leveling Arise.

What are blessing stones in Solo Leveling Arise?

The Blessing Stone is an in-game item that Seong Jinwoo can use to further increase his stats. Each stone gives Jinwoo unique characteristics, from the lowest rarity levels of Rare and Epic to the highest rarity levels of Legendary. As of this writing, the game offers over 20 Blessing Stones, which can be obtained through in-game features or by playing a specific game mode.

How to get blessing stones in Solo Leveling Arise?

There are two ways to obtain Blessing Stones in Arise's solo mode: combo mode and Battlefield of Time game mode. The Fusion feature is unlocked after completing Chapter 7, Unspeakable Sins and the Battlefield of Time game mode are unlocked after completing Chapter 10. Here are the details of each method:


Although Fusion will be unlocked after completing Chapter 7, you will not be able to create Blessing Stones yet. This is because you have unlocked the ability to use Blessing Stones in solo mode. Get up after completing Chapter 11 "The Ice Slayer King". There are four locations to obtain Blessing Stones in the game, the first of which is unlocked after completing the previous chapter.

Once you can use the Blessing Stone, you will be able to enter the Fusion menu from the main menu. Fusion is similar to crafting, where you use certain in-game items along with gold to earn new items.

You will need 50 Blessing Dust and 20,000 Gold to get a random Epic or Rare Blessing Stone. The rarity of a stone depends on its success rate: super success rate (2%) and success rate (98%). Reaching the first level will give you Epic Blessing Stones and reaching the second level will give you Rare Blessing Stones. On the other hand, the legendary stone requires different materials.

For example, you need three Epic Weakness Point Blessing Stones and 50,000 gold to get the Rare and Legendary Weakness Point Blessing. The chance of getting legendary stones is 25%. Similarly, you can combine three gems to get the same rare and epic gem. Battlefield of time

Battlefield of Time is a time management game mode where you can challenge various bosses. You compete with other players and try to destroy the boss in the shortest time. All Arisee players who level up alone will be ranked by how long it took them to kill the boss. This game mode is another way to get Blessing Stones in solo mode in Arise. You can complete certain quests and achievements to earn gems.

How to use blessing stones when leveling up Solo Leveling Arise?

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Only Song Jin-Woo can equip Blessing Stones on an individual level. She has four positions and you can place a stone in each of them. As mentioned, the first slot is unlocked after completing Chapter 11, The Ice Slayer King. The second is unlocked when Jinwoo reaches level 50, the third is unlocked at level 60, and the fourth is unlocked at level 70.

You can exchange stones at any time, for free. Each Blessing Stone on Arise's individual level gives Jinwoo a unique benefit. For example, they can increase Jinwoo's basic attack, elemental damage, attack stats, and more. When choosing Blessing Stones, it is best to choose those that suit your play style.

Now that you know how to get blessing stones, you can take care of searching for them and putting them to the necessary use in Solo Leveling Arise.

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