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2024-05-17 12:54:32

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We have made a guide where we will explain How to Get Weapon Crafting Resources in Solo Leveling Arise.

What to know about weapon manufacturing resources in Solo Leveling Arise?

One of the biggest obstacles we will encounter as we progress is upgrading our hunter-exclusive weapons. Supporting them and hoping for the best is one way to achieve this goal. However, it is safer to do them. Here we will find everything you need to know about How to Get Weapon Crafting Resources in Solo Leveling Arise and thereby obtain a better arsenal.

How to Get Weapon Crafting Resources in Solo Leveling Arise?

To create hunter-specific weapons in Solo: Rise, we require two ingredients: hunter-specific weapon skins and mana power crystals. There is another way to transmit events, but that is a topic we will talk about later.

How to get mana rune crystals?

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Getting energy crystals to craft weapons in Solo: Ustanding isn't really a problem. During the events we have the opportunity to receive many chests containing energy crystals, and we can even recharge them in the weapon exchange store. Plus, we'll be able to earn even more money in Battlefield of Time, so we'll have one less thing to worry about.

How to get exclusive Hunter weapon skins?

It should be noted that it is very difficult to get exclusive hunter weapon skins in Solo Leveling: Arise. We can obtain wielding SSR weapons, which is not recommended. The only time we should start doing this is when we have exhausted all our weapons, that is, this is a last option to execute.

We can then obtain them passively through events or buy them from a weapons dealer. However, the latter requires us to restore our CP weapons for money, which again is not advisable at the beginning of the game.

Finally, it is possible to earn them by playing Battlefield of Time and season coins, which we can then exchange for weapon skins. This is the most reliable and F2P compatible method.

Other ways to get duplicate hunting weapons besides crafting, another great way to earn exclusive hunter weapons in Solo Leveling: Arise is by completing quests and event-related achievements. Chances are, each event will reward us with at least one or two copies, and that's a lot. So we will check back daily/weekly/etc. Complete missions whenever we can and make sure to complete them all to get the most benefits and, most importantly, exclusive weapons.

We conclude this guide on How to Get Weapon Crafting Resources in Solo Leveling Arise, it will only be enough to embark on this search process and thereby access much more powerful weapons.

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