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We have made an explanatory guide to tell you how to upgrade artifacts in Solo Leveling Arise.

What to know about upgrading artifacts in Solo Leveling Arise?

Solo Leveling: Arise offers us a variety of ways to increase our overall strength. The overall strength depends on the strength of Song Jin-Woo and the three hunters we can equip to assist in various missions. While there are a few things that set Song Jina apart from other hunters, they can all be equipped with artifacts. Weapons are divided into those that Song can use and those that other hunters can use. On the other hand, artifacts are universal and all characters on our team can equip any combination of artifacts. Artifacts also come in sets that give characters additional bonuses when equipping four artifacts from the same set.

How to upgrade artifacts in Solo Leveling Arise?

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To upgrade artifacts, we first need to go to the Artifacts menu in the main menu. This will open the entire inventory of available artifacts. Artifacts have different rarities, increasing the properties of the artifact as its rarity increases.

We select the artifact and click "Update" in the lower right corner of the screen. Pressing the plus or minus button determines how many times you want to update our device (up to 20). The upgrade is done automatically, and we will continue spending resources trying to upgrade our artifact until it reaches the rank or resource we want.

Unlike weapon upgrades in Solo Leveling: Arise, artifact upgrades have a chance of success. Below the artifact will be the upgrade rate, which will decrease by 5% for each upgrade level reached. This makes reaching the final stage increasingly difficult, as even failed levels still require gold and artifact upgrade tokens.

Each failed upgrade makes the next upgrade 1% easier, but this bonus disappears after a successful upgrade. We only have 20 levels of artifact upgrades before they reach their maximum, and we need to find a better artifact. It is possible to level up and assign points to Sung Jin's various stats.

Here are the best statistics on prioritization. Where to get artifact upgrade tokens in a Solo Leveling Arise

The main method of obtaining artifact upgrade tokens is through doors. We can earn level 1 and 2 artifact upgrade tokens as a reward for completing doors.

After clearing the door, we need to make sure we get the mana crystals from there. In the Trade Shop, we can exchange Mana Crystals for Artifact Upgrade Tokens, at the same time we exchange Premium Mana Crystals. In the crafting menu, we are allowed to combine Artifact Boost I tokens with upgraded mana crystals to create level 2 Artifact Boost tokens.

This is everything you need to know about How to upgrade artifacts in Solo Leveling Arise, follow our steps and get the most out of this game.

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