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We invite you to discover How to spawn red gates in Solo Leveling Arise with our interesting guide today.

What to know about the red doors in Solo Leveling Arise?

We're in the middle of a game mode where players farm daily through quick doors and dungeons that they enter to kill monsters and earn rewards. The player can open the door for Sung Jin or the Hunter, depending on the icon above the door. By clearing the door, you can extract mana crystals and essence stones. Gates become important for getting stronger items as you open the Dark Army. The red door offers the best rewards and is often highly sought after. Players can level up and assign points to Sung Jin's various stats, prioritizing the best stats.

How to spawn red gates in Solo Leveling Arise?

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The red door is a special door that is much more difficult to pass through than other doors of the same level and rank. The red door can be opened as many times as possible, and the door key is only used when the door is successfully opened. The red door does not appear naturally and only appears after the player has passed several other doors in the same scanned area.

There is no specific number of doors that must be passed before the red doors appear, and the number required ranges from 1 to 5 before they appear. When a red door appears, it will remain there until it is eliminated, even if the player scans it again to find a new door. Scanning again will make the current Red Door disappear, but a new door with a different level and rank will appear in its place. After clearing the red door, immediately check a new door and try making another door to make the most of your daily key.

The spawn rate of the Red Door is also affected by the difficulty level of the current scanning area: in high difficulty areas, the door appears more frequently, and in areas below 10, it rarely appears, if at all. That appears. . There is no limit to the number of Red Doors that can appear each day. If players are lucky with Red Gate frequencies, they can often find two or three Red Gates per day. New Door Keys are issued daily during the daily reset to fill the player's inventory up to its current maximum. Additional Door Keys can be purchased with Essence Stones, but it is recommended to save them in the Draw more frequently. Some rewards for Red Gate include:

  • Dark energy
  • Fragments of hell
  • Traces of darkness
  • High quality artifacts
  • Mana Crystals
  • Skill Roll
  • A lot of gold.

Now that you know everything about generating red doors, it's time to try it and get the most out of Solo Leveling Arise.

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