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2024-05-22 12:37:32

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We have made a detailed guide to explain how to get rune fragments in Solo Leveling Arise.

How to get rune fragments in Solo Leveling Arise?

The most reliable method of obtaining daily repeating rune fragments is through the Red Door. Players will need to create a Red Door unlike other normal doors, but if done correctly, they will still be able to get through two or three doors a day with just a few keys. This is not a guaranteed reward and will increase as the player progresses to higher levels.

By increasing your reputation, you can also earn more door keys per day and have more keys to create red doors. Rune Shards can also be obtained from the Holiday Coin Exchange, but are updated every few weeks once supplies run out. Players can recover runes for rune fragments, but this is not recommended until they have more runes to use. Rune Shards can also be rewards from Skill Rune Support Chests, which can be obtained as rewards in cycling competitions.

  • Rune Fragments – 20 cost 25 premium commemorative coins
  • Rune pieces – 10 cost 120 commemorative coins

How to use rune pieces when leveling up in Solo Leveling Arise?

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Skill runes can greatly enhance Sung Jinwoo's skills, but they will also require players to earn a lot of gold. At the bottom of the main menu is the Fusion menu, whose icon is a cross. In the upper left corner there will be an option to combine skill runes (shards) using rune shards. These skill runes (shards) will immediately improve Sun's skills, but will be random based on the skill they are applied to.

Skill runes can be combined to create rarer skill variants that provide significantly greater stat boosts compared to other skills. Players should invest early in the fusion system, as even the Skill Rune provides stat boosts and an overall boost to the player's account.

This is everything you need to know about getting rune fragments and their deserved use, you can apply them and continue enjoying everything this game offers.

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