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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to get a hero in Fabledom.

Without a doubt, Fabledom presents us with a very attractive story and attractive gameplay, which makes your gaming experience fun and exciting. As you progress through the story and review the map, you will realize that there are special places that can only be visited by a hero. Although these places can range from abandoned cemeteries to the magical stem of your city, the inspection of these will only depend on the heroes that are in your kingdom.

Unlike the other residents who will ask you for residence, you will need to unlock and build to be able to welcome the heroes, since they will be in charge of protecting your kingdom, therefore, the treatment towards them must be special. Once your hero is in your city, he will become familiar with his surroundings through the multiple missions that will be assigned to him. If you want to know exactly how to get it, keep reading and find out.

How to get a hero in Fabledom

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Unlocking the Hero Quarters:

  • 1. Population Growth:  The first step is to achieve a thriving village population. Aim to house at least 30 residents.
  • 2. Structural Acquisition:  Reaching this population milestone unlocks the Hero Quarters, granting access to a dedicated hero and potentially beneficial structures like a stone quarry and windmill.
  • 3. Family Fund Considerations:  Be aware that unlocking the Hero Quarters may result in increased family fund contributions.

Hero Camp Construction:

  • 1. Sawmill Establishment:  A functional sawmill is necessary to gather the requisite building materials.
  • 2. Resource Procurement:  Gather 10 planks of wood using your assigned laborers.
  • 3. Camp Construction: Once the resources are available, initiate the Hero Camp construction. Laborers will handle the building process automatically.
  • 4. Hero Assignment: Upon completion, a hero will be automatically assigned to your village.

Hero Optimization (Optional):

The guide offers recommendations for equipping your hero for advanced strategies, particularly focused on the Arena of Trials:

  • Careful Straw Hat:  This headwear enhances your hero's base health and regeneration, proving beneficial in the Arena's combat scenarios.
  • Essence of Balance Trinket: This trinket grants an attack bonus and a general boost to your hero's core statistics.

Hero Integration:

  • Tutorial Guidance:  A short tutorial will introduce you to hero controls upon their arrival.
  • Intuitive Interface:  Mouse controls are primarily used for movement, even if you previously utilized keyboard controls.
  • Automated Combat: Your hero will automatically engage designated enemies, simplifying combat management.

This is everything you need to know about How to get a hero in Fabledom, following this guide it will surely be easier for you to obtain the hero in charge of protecting your city, all this, while you continue enjoying the various surprises that Fabledom has for you.

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