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In this guide entry we will tell you everything about How to get Powder of Blessing in Solo Leveling Arise.

How to get powder of Blessing in Solo Leveling Arise?

Blessing Powder is a difficult item to obtain immediately after unlocking the Blessing Stone at level 40. Players will only be able to equip one Blessing Stone for the next 10 levels, giving them more time to stockpile mana-infusing spells. Mana Infusions can only be obtained by obtaining SR weapons for Sung Jin-Woo or Hunters. CP weapons can only be obtained by looting them. Players can get free lottery tickets to help them find more SR weapons, but this won't be a normal lottery.

Players can exchange 40 mana infusion spells by exchanging weapon materials for only 5 Blessing Powders. Another farming method is unlocked after completing story chapter 14, which unlocks the Power of Destruction mode. Players can also purchase a box from the rewards store with real money containing Powder Of Blessing.

How to use Blessing Dust in Soñlo Leveling Arise?

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How to get Blessing Stones in Solo Leveling Arise

In this guide entry, we will explain how to get blessing stones in Solo Leveling Arise.

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The Fusion button will appear at the bottom of the main menu, marked with a cross icon. The second option on the top row will be Fuse Blessing Stone (Dust). Combining a random blessing stone requires 50 blessing dust. This will cost players a lot until they complete Chapter 14 and unlock better farming methods. Fusion also requires a large amount of gold and will require players to farm more frequently to fuse new blessing stones.

The blessing stones obtained through fusion are random and players often receive duplicates. When this happens, look at the bottom of the Combination menu, where you can combine three copies of the Blessing Stone to obtain a rarer version of the same Blessing Stone.

  • Slot: Location 1 unlock at level 40
  • Slot: Location 2 unlock at Level 50
  • Slot: Location 3 unlock at Level 60
  • Slot: Location 4 unlock at Level 60

This is everything you need to know about obtaining blessing dust, so follow our step-by-step guide and thereby access this interesting Solo Leveling Arise resource.

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