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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How To Get Draw Tickets in Solo Leveling Arise.

Solo Leveling Arise features a large number of special locations and characters that will win your heart when you play.

Sung Jinwoo is the main character that players use to complete missions and raise their stats. Despite this, various players continue to try to get the different hunters in the game to support Sung or use him to complete missions.

Keep in mind that the various characters, including Sung and the hunters, can obtain different weapons that will help them increase their stats and even give them more abilities, something truly incredible!

However, obtaining these weapons can present a challenge for players, since obtaining either weapons or hunters is done through a drawing mechanic and to do so you will need to win special tickets.

Although you can obtain these tickets by purchasing at Essence Stones, there are free ways to obtain these incredible tickets. If you want to know more about it, keep reading and find out.

How To Get Draw Tickets in Solo Leveling Arise

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Free Draw Tickets:

  • Daily Login Rewards: Consistent logins yield in-game rewards, including Draw Tickets.
  • Challenge Completion: The "Challenges" section offers missions that reward Custom Draw Tickets upon completion.
  • Chapter Progress: Advancing through the story grants players Custom Draw Tickets for chapter completion.
  • Battle Missions: Completing Battle Missions awards players with Custom Draw Tickets.
  • Hard Mode Story Replay: Replaying story missions on Hard difficulty provides additional Custom Draw Tickets.

Paid Draw Tickets:

  • Essence Stone Purchases: Draw Tickets can be directly purchased using Essence Stones (250 per ticket).
  • Diamond Exchange: Players can utilize Diamonds (acquired with real-world currency) to trade for Draw Tickets.

Draw Ticket Types:

  • Rate Up Draw Tickets: These tickets focus on a specific character, offering increased odds of obtaining them compared to other Hunters of the same rank. Rate Up Draw Tickets are acquired through the Battlefield of Time and Celebration Coin Exchange via Premium Commemorative Coins.
  • Custom Draw Tickets: Custom Draw Tickets provide players with greater control. They allow players to select a pool of four SSR Hunters or Weapons for a heightened draw rate. This selection can be modified at any time without penalty.

Draw System Mechanics:

  • A guaranteed SSR Hunter or Weapon is awarded after every 80 draws using either type of ticket (cumulative across all Rate Up draws).
  • Draw percentages for specific outcomes can be viewed by selecting the percentage icon positioned near the Ticket count in the upper right corner of the screen.

This is everything you need to know about How To Get Draw Tickets in Solo Leveling Arise, following this guide it will surely be easier for you to obtain these incredible tickets so that you can access the special weapons, all while enjoying the experiences that Solo Leveling Arise has it for you.

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