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With our help you will see that knowing How To Get Shades in Solo Leveling Arise is easier than you thought with precise details.

What to know about shadows in Solo Leveling Arise?

After completing the job change quest and becoming the Shadow King, we will have access to the Dark Army. This will allow Sung Jin and other hunters to summon Shadows in battle to attack or temporarily distract enemies. Shadows are powerful allies that can be made even stronger through promotions or by raising the level of the entire army. As individual shadows become more powerful or new shadows are added, the number of shadows needed to summon them also increases. Shadows are an easy resource to obtain, but it is still necessary to manage them properly so that we never run out of them when we need them, now to know How To Get Shades in Solo Leveling Arise let's take into account the following content.

How To Get Shades in Solo Leveling Arise?

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We will get the Shadows by completing missions while playing as Sung Jin. The amount of Shadows received will vary and depends on the difficulty of the mission and our general performance. Like Suna, we can encounter hundreds or thousands of Shadows in a single mission. Because the refund amount is so large, we generally won't have to worry about the number of balls when playing as Suna. We can see how many Shadows we currently have and their maximum number at any time in the lower right corner of the Shadow Army menu. Here are some game modes that can be easily modified to restore the ball:

  • Door
  • New story missions. dungeon dungeon
  • Tests on the battlefield
  • Battlefield of time

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Shadow is used whenever shadow is summoned in combat. This means that we can run out of balls during the game, depending on how many times we try to summon them and how many times they start. As more Shadows are upgraded or summoned, the cost of Shadows will increase and we must think more carefully before summoning your army. We must pay more attention to the number of balls when completing certain Hunter missions, since we will not receive any balls for completing them. That said, it's important to switch between games like Soong and other Hunters to modify the shadows as we use them. For those of us who play in automatic mode, we can disable the ball recovery function to save them. Let's click on the main menu and select the gear icon in the lower right corner. Then let's go to Controls in the middle of the list on the left and go down. Setting "Prevent automatic use of shadows during auto battle" to "On" will prevent the AI from summoning and using shadows.

We can conclude that having the knowledge about How To Get Shades in Solo Leveling Arise allows us to reinforce our performance and progress in this very busy game.

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