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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-01 18:49:50

More about: Sea of Thieves

Our adventure for Sea of Thieves allows us to be as active as possible and this implies knowing How to get dogs, let's see.

What do the dogs represent in Sea of Thieves?

  This is a game where some animals have been included, because pets are an interesting part, the idea is to achieve some kind of interaction between them and man, because here it is possible to have these 4-legged friends who can keep us company in our travel, this September is expected to come out this update that includes these pets to keep us company.
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How to get dogs in Sea of Thieves?


  This update that includes dogs is possible to get it at the beginning of this month, so it is only a matter of a very short time to have these friends, you just have to have enough money since they will have exactly the same cost as other animals, 499 Ancient Coins, these come to be part of the amount of animals and changes that are present in this game, because here it is possible on the one hand to make a set with an Ashen Dragon only that the value would oscillate the 649 ancient coins, as already We know they are not the only animals, since here we have some cats and monkeys.

  Now that you know how to get dogs, it is only necessary to gather the necessary amount of Ancient Coins and wait for the update to arrive to get one of these friends in Sea of Thieves ..

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