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Usually the bugs are usually visible in the games and Sea of Thieves is not the exception, let's see How to fix voice chat not working error

 Communication with the rest of the crew is extremely vital and when we find that everything is not possible it turns us upside down, because it is necessary to know How to fix voice chat not working error, to achieve our objectives, this could be seen as a simple configuration problem, but in reality it can become much more than that, but thankfully there are some ways to answer it and continue playing Sea of Thieves.

How to use voice chat in Sea of Thieves?

One of the most important tasks that we can achieve in this game is to have the possibility that voice chat works, since we can communicate easily, and to use it you only need to go to the main menu or the pause menu and do a few small changes, although there is another option to do it, probably faster but the truth particularly I do not recommend it and it is that it is possible to configure a button so that with just pressing it is possible to speak but the detail is that we only have a few buttons, that is we are limited to start inventing.
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    How to fix voice chat not working error in Sea of Thieves?


     This is a problem that is relaxed while we talk with other players since it does not allow us to sustain a communication, for this it is necessary to consider:


    •  Firstly, close the game and proceed to execute some changes in the configuration of the microphone of our computer.
    • This is done by locating the privacy settings that we can locate just by doing a search in the Windows bar, which takes us to Microphone.
    • It is necessary to have that Sea of Thieves precisely uses a microphone and try to continue the game and listen to other players.


     If the previous solution has not yielded the necessary results, it is time to know another alternative about How to fix voice chat not working error that does not work, and this allows us to make some default settings for our microphone.


    •  It is required to go to the taskbar and click on sound settings.
    • It is necessary to select the recording option locating the microphone that we want to use placing it as a default configuration.
    • It is necessary to ensure that it has the necessary volume and for this it is only necessary to right-click on the options that are presented to us to place the volume that we consider necessary.

    It is necessary to be clear about where we are playing since doing it through Steam will be necessary to use our Xbox Live account as this allows us to log in and communicate either with text or voice outside of Xbox Live, it is a choice that we will need to send when we we mobilized down the options.

     Unfortunately, there are some users who are unable to respond to this error, because even when they carry out all the strategies outlined here, this can become a more serious inconvenience because it is very difficult for us to not communicate with our crew in Sea of Thieves, even when we manage to unplug the headphones and connect them once again, since all this considering that they are not silenced and this can be seen easily because a cross is shown above, even so if everything we have done has not paid off, it is simply time to knock on the door of the game stand and communicate to see what response they may have.

     This is all we know about How to fix voice chat not working error, because if new answers arise, it is most likely that you can get them here and thus continue to enjoy Sea of Thieves to the fullest.

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