Angel Marquez
2020-07-15 09:34:38

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We invite you to discover How to play as Amphora in this Rocket Arena explanatory guide.

What to know about Amphora in Rocket Arena?

With this we have represented some of the best existing attacks in the game, with little space that we have around us we will be able to eliminate entire teams, it is someone fast and that their balance is outstanding, throughout the game in multiplayer We will have the right balance between the different characters within our reach, it is more than sure that Amphora is very outstanding, therefore many of us look for details that allow us to understand how to play as Amphora and it is good to be in the right place for the answers, in this guide and its next content will be all the details, let's follow them closely.
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How to play as Amphora in Rocket Arena?

Next we will see the capabilities that we will have to know How to play as Amphora:


  •  Inflatable Mines: it is possible to launch three mines, with which this secondary ability will be able to exploit the enemies that are close to us, we can be more lethal with these without being able to combine them with other attacks in Rocket Arena.
  •  The Hydraulic Form: With this it is possible that our movements are faster, which will allow us to get to be in the midst of many enemies that we will cause damage and more with the fact of using the cyclone, this special ability in Rocket Arena of Amphora allows us to wreak a lot of havoc, certainly on our enemies, but if we fail with the tremendous cyclone of water that this causes, we may be knocked out, although it is really difficult to fail with it but with intelligence we must use it and more to know how to play as Amphora.
  •  The loaded Torpedo: the ammunition of this is infinite, which makes a great point in its favor, its loading is short-term and with it we can cause a large explosion that does not allow enemies to escape, causing significant damage and with great range, speed and precision, it is easy to use so it will be nice to have it in this Amphora arsenal.


 The treasure hunt: With Amphora's skills it will not be possible for us to have an outstanding performance in a treasure hunt, but it is possible to support the rest of our team to solve it, so we will focus on the enemies, something different in the other modalities.

 The Mega Rocket: To understand How to play as Amphora in this situation we have that the Hydraulic Form will be the perfect skill to use, if we get to beat the mega rocket we will have many survival options at the end, here we find ourselves with a lot of agglomeration where to make the cyclone it will be perfect to clear the area of ​​the enemies in Rocket Arena.

Basketball: At the beginning of the game in this mode, our focus will be to use the Hydraulic Form, because of the fight that is formed at any time by the ball, it is necessary to use a cyclone, allowing our teammates to reach to make a quick score, leaving enemies with such skill disoriented, being the correct strategy to use here in Rocket Arena.

The attack by Knockout / RocketBot: As for How to play as Amphora, here we will have full use of the abilities that it has, here in this mode we will use all its offensive power to stop even complete teams, everything is possible with the appropriate strategies by employing their skills.

 In this way we finish our Rocket Arena guide, now you know how to play as Amphora, just enjoy it to the fullest.