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The world of Rocket Arena brings us a series of interesting characters, let's see How to play as Mysteen

Who is Mysteen at Rocket Arena?

 Each character here has its particularity, because this is perhaps an interesting part in this game, although it is true that everyone usually fights, it is good to emphasize that each one has certain abilities that he develops, this generates that each one is different, in this case Particular of knowing how to play as Mysteen is fantastic and this is mainly because this character is a magician who uses everything he has to do considerable damage.

How to play as Mysteen in Rocket Arena?

 This is a character that usually stands out among the others and this is mainly due to the fact that he has the ability to use magic, which makes him interesting and different, but also highly dangerous for enemies, because although he does not usually cause traditional attacks with weapons if It causes other attacks generating damage, it is also a very striking character since he usually dedicates himself mostly to defense and what gives an interesting form, because perhaps this is an attraction when it comes to knowing how to play as Mysteen because he has a different tactic to the traditional one where taking advantage of magic is undoubtedly crucial.
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    The ability to be a ghost: The mere possibility of being a ghost already puts us with a great advantage, since having no one see us is definitely favorable, this ability is simply the best we can achieve, because it allows us create a clone to mark an enemy, because this is excellent when we are facing complicated situations in Rocket Arena, the important thing here is to consider not straying too far from this and that is because each combat we have can become risky, that is, we will require It helps, but this clone can simply serve as a lure, especially since when we find ourselves in complex battles we can exchange places and only need to give some use to the skills button.

     Mysteen as an illusionist can put us with the advantage ahead, and the only idea that creating a clone can be even more interesting especially when we are in danger, it turns out to be an interesting way to save us, it is also vital to understand that even when this ghost only lasts few seconds, it is the time necessary to wreak havoc.

     The Card Rockets: Knowing how to play as Mysteen simply allows us to choose to use everything we have at our disposal, and the positive thing is that we have a rocket that has the ability to generate a quantity of 15 shots before reloading, what which is highly interesting because it gives us some time to generate another blow, the most relevant detail in this regard is to be clear that each shot usually causes damage, but specifically every third shot is even more powerful, this simply means that we will be careful but accurate by allowing us to follow up on our enemy.

     The ability of the mirror shield: An advantage of playing with this magician is to have interesting abilities, out of the conventional, especially since here we can choose to generate a clone and get both the clone and us to use the mirror, because this is simply intended to protect us from damage since by functioning as a shield these attacks that cause us in Rocket Arena simply will not be able to reach us.

    What are the tactics used by Mysteen in Rocket Arena?

     Having great skills is not enough to know how to play as Mysteen, so it is necessary to know some strategies that can be used and allow us to get afloat, ensuring that our opponents cannot have a single chance.

     Basketball: The idea to use a tactic here is to get the enemy confused, probably Mysteen is not the character with more speed or agility in Rocket Arena, but we can just choose to just be a support player, just become a weapon Defensive and causing confusion among everyone who goes for the ball is simply a key point.

     The treasure hunt as a Mysteen strategy: Perhaps the most relevant thing to know How to play as Mysteen is to spend some time knowing exactly how this magician develops, especially since she usually uses clones but when it comes to opting for the treasure she is It is not the best option, so we will forget about them and opt for the wrench, we can launch it to get that this simply allows us to choose coins, we just have to have a good defense and for this we can use Rocketball.

     The RocketBot-knockout attack: The defense are undoubtedly interesting options when it comes to knowing how to play as Mysteen, for this attack it is good to use the clone, as this allows us to increase the attacks, although it is true that a clone does not It can be as effective as we can be quite useful and this allows us to choose the advantage and then use a shield to recover a little in order to achieve the objectives that we have set for ourselves in Rocket Arena.

    The mega rocket: The necessary strategies to know how to play as Mysteen allow us to have interesting options, since the very idea of ​​duplicating ourselves with a clone is more interesting than it seems at first glance, since having more than one you enemies They will be confused and will not know who to attack because they are exactly identical, so the idea is to take advantage of this to give use to the shield since the enemies see firing rockets as an alternative because they fight to eliminate us but not having certainty of who we are they shoot continually against us and our clone.

     This is all you need to know about How to play as Mysteen, it just turns out to be a very interesting magician and we can make the most of her tactics in Rocket Arena.

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