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This time we return with a guide of Rocket Arena with the purpose of explaining how to play as Izell.

What to know about Izell in Rocket Arena?

Many of the capabilities of this character do not present much difficulty, these are due to the fact that for their use there are very specific occasions, among many unique characters that we find in games there are many that do not fit in a team, Izell is one of them, the handling is complicated despite having agility and speed, without further limiting now how to play as Izell and those details come below.

How to play as Izell in Rocket Arena?

To understand how to play as Izell let's see the skills he has below:

  • The Snare Ball: special for one-on-one confrontations, damage is good in such a confrontation but it is possible that this secondary ability can be failed, it causes little damage but is able to stun our enemies which gives us a margin of advantage , it is ideal to use an attack after using this move on Rocket Arena.
  • Jaaqua's Charge: It is ideal to use when we are in combat to quickly knock out the enemy, we will have an instant to aim but if we fail we will be shot forward, which makes us charge adequately so as not to be in a bad position, This ability is the most outstanding to consider to understand how to play as Izell, with it it causes great damage when aiming and successfully hitting the enemy.
  • The Spear Rockets: this weapon has 8 shots, being necessary to reload very frequently, in the short distance we will have a lot of precision, this is because the shots are really fast causing decent damage that works in multiple situations although we do not have to Rocket Arena itself something special to highlight.

Now we have related to how to play as Izell in Rocket Arena the strategies to follow according to the technique and these are the following:
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  • The treasure hunt: With the agility and speed that we have with this character, it is possible that we will quickly get coins, for both phases of the present quest it is very useful despite the fact that the defense is not our best card with Izell, but hitting anyone gives us the chance to have the treasure under our control.
  • The Mega Rocket: For this mode, skills such as Snare Ball that will be ideal to clear the areas that must be controlled by our team and with the load of the Jaaqua load we can move from one area to another more quickly, more if we add it With the great agility and speed of pos if you already have Izell in Rocket Arena.
  • Basketball: With the Snare ball we have the opportunity to hit the enemy that has control of the ball, sometimes where the speed can be enough to have the ball or dodge our enemies, without getting to control the offensive, here the We can't use Jaaqua's load once we have control of the ball but it is effective to keep us moving around the map, a strategic factor in how to play as Izell.
  • The Knockout / RocketBot attack: In this mode, failure with any of the abilities can mean that we are in a bad position, even more so because we have no defense, but if we use the abilities with care and precision, we will effectively have With the spear rockets that distribute the damage due to the solidity that this weapon possesses, it is possible to say that Izell is an ideal option for this kind of heats.

It is evident that knowing how to play as Izell allows us to have more fun in Rocket Arena.

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