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As we enter Rocket Arena we realize how much it is necessary to know How to play as Rev, that's why today we are going to explain it to you.

Who is Rev in Rocket Arena?

This is a pretty skillful girl, she has a particle board and a skateboard as a means of transport to move from one side to the other, she has a very interesting and very marked style which gives her a particular touch, she also has the possibility of Performing attacks with a rocket launcher, which puts her on an interesting offensive list, we can tell you that she is classified as a girl with a desire for victory who will fight with everything she has to achieve unique objectives.

How to play as Rev in Rocket Arena?

 This is a girl who not only carries heavy artillery but also has the possibility of moving quickly which puts her in our sights, especially since the strategies to be used in our team in Rocket Arena must be the most successful and choose characters that They are extremely powerful, because the idea is to beat the opponents and make our team stand up and with more strength to continue, based on exceptional skills.
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    Generate an assault hit: The idea here to know how to play as Rev is to manage to cause a hit with a Big Hit and to do this, just press the primary attack button when we are approaching our opponent, and use the table to cause forceful blows. However activating the assault shot can get us out of a very favorable situation, because even if we only have 3 seconds of speed this counts as a great time. Furthermore, we can get closer to our opponent by increasing speed and anticipating this blow to catch our opponents using our assault strike in Rocket Arena.

    The Double Strike: This is a very interesting weapon that we find here, because it has some attractive aspects, others not so much but it is also quite useful, this weapon is particularly fantastic to accumulate damage and striking when it comes to knowing how to play as Rev, especially when the other skills get cold, for this it is ideal to opt for the primary attack avoiding firing some individual rounds, even though it may be a little slow in the beginning and perhaps not the ideal to eliminate the opponents, it is worth mentioning that It has a capacity of 16 shots which represents an interesting number.

    Magnetic mines: This ability allows us to place our opponent exactly in the mine in Rocket Arena, because in this way they will explode, it is possible to use them when we consider it necessary, so we are not conditioned to use them in a limited way, they only have 5 seconds cooling which represents an excellent alternative even when they are a secondary skill.

    What are the tactics used by Rev in Rocket Arena?

    Basketball Tactics: This is a girl who is emerging as an offensive player, as she has the ability to retrieve the ball every time an opposing team has taken it, here it is necessary to be wise, because using the assault shot would be fatal, only It is vital to maintain speed but from a moderate point of view that we can get to the ball.

    The treasure hunt: knowing how to play as Rev simply allows us to have some interesting and highly useful strategies, allowing us to be fast and efficient, since this is where the scatter table can be very useful, especially because it will be necessary to use agility to take the coins, we can only have a moderate speed, increasing it is simply not possible when we are looking for this treasure in Rocket Arena.

    Knockout-Rocketbot Attack: Weakening our opponent and generating a forceful blow with our assault blow is phenomenal in Rocket Arena, the idea here is to keep us in constant motion, because the opponents are not going to stay calm and we must fight to emerge winners so It will be vital to use all the tools that we have at our disposal, even when this involves giving use of magnetic mines, being an interesting option and this allows us to have knowledge about how to play as Rev and even choose to use everything in our favor to win.

    Mega Rocket: our strategies usually work perfectly well if we intend to give them an efficient use, at this point it is necessary on the one hand to consider using the mines and the assault strike and this is because enemies usually sometimes group together , then a comfortable way to eliminate them is with these abilities, it is an advantage to know How to play as Rev How to play as Rev. However, this mega rocket is simply profiled as a standard mode, this makes us not be able to take full advantage of everything the Rev's potential, especially since here we find that it is a fairly small map where there is not much need to use large tools.

      Definitely Rocket Arena has focused on bringing us characters with interesting combat skills and strategies, because knowing how to play as Rev allows us to explore some very attractive and highly potential options.

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