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2020-07-16 12:56:11

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The world of Rocket Arena has obtained an interesting environment with respect to its characters for this day we explain How to play as Topnotch

What is Rocket Arena about?

This is nothing more than a shooting game where our main objective is to get our rivals to do, they are simply forced to leave the stage, to do so it is vital to use all the necessary skills and strategies, as a result of which it is essential to know how to play as Topnotch, because this boy is agile and young, he also has the ability to fly which makes him more interesting.

How to play as Topnotch in Rocket Arena?

The most attractive thing of all is the ability and the possibility of being able to play, unfolding in open worlds, especially because we have the opportunity to fly and this simply allows us to cause considerable damage from above, especially because there is the option of mixing well. interesting, where at firepower speed and agility manage to form an excellent play that many wish to have.

Topnotch has 3 interesting skills in Rocket Arenaa and these are:

      Special ability, the artillery salute: It is important to have a character that allows us to operate calmly, and to know how to play as Topnotch is simply fantastic, as the rockets, for example, usually fall quickly and cause forceful blows, with a relatively short rest , It has the ability to damage enemies and catch them especially if they are heading towards the line of fire.

      The rebounding beauty: Definitely Rocket Arena has interesting characters with very good abilities, it is especially allows us to cause blows and shoot with grenades that usually travel a short distance and occasionally achieve large wounds, it is possible to time an explosion which gives it a special touch, because It is possible to make it explode when we release the primary button, with this ability we can fire at least 6 grenades before reloading, a considerable amount to get some damage and especially extremely quickly, which implies a perfect use ability.
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     The Zephyr Slam: Knowing how to play as Topnotch simply allows us to use our abilities, especially this is a secondary ability, because it is simply a large rocket and despite its disadvantage of lasting at least 18 seconds to use it recently it has the ability to dealing considerable damage and disorientation, ending up being an extremely useful ability.

What are the tactics used by Topnotch in Rocket Arena?

      The strategy for basketball:
The only possibility of getting up easily and avoiding a fight is phenomenal while doing it with his jet pack, since the idea of ​​playing with this character focuses on the possibility of scoring some goals while we have the possibility of receiving the ball, the important thing is the ability to have a good aim, and this is part of the possibility of flying high which can easily be a better option.

      The treasure hunt: The only opportunity to know How to play as Topnotch is simply interesting, because although we cannot do everything perfectly we can simply choose to do things in a not very complicated way, this character is simply one of the most comfortable To collect coins in Rocket Arena, it will only be necessary to fly to a safe place and get the treasure chest.

      Knotout-RocketBot Attack:
With this character the ability to deal fantastic damage, since the mere possibility of having propulsion puts us one step ahead, since we normally stay in dangerous situations, this is where I will know How to play as Topnotch can allow us to maintain opponents in line, although we have great potential it is not ideal to underestimate opponents just focus on fighting so that they simply can not touch us.

      Mega Rocket: Mega rockets are not exactly the best option for us when we play as Topnotch, as it can interfere with our attacks, we can only use our weapons to clear some area controlled by enemies using heavy weapons.

This is everything you need to know about How to play as Topnotch, because simply each character in Rocket Arena has a characteristic that makes him interesting and this is the most relevant.