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Our tour of Rocket Arena simply allows us to meet all the characters, but today we explain how to play as Kayi

Who is Kayi at Rocket Arena?

This is a pretty skilled girl who knows how to make perfect use of weapons, her main objective is to win the kingdom, since she usually boasts some interesting attack and defense strategies, especially because she has great ability and preparation to be a winner, this is precisely the reason why it is stained glass to know how to play as Kayi


  •   Kayi has these cool features in Rocket Arena.
  • High aim.
  • It has a mix between power and speed.
  • She is a fast attacker.
  • Use the jump and combine it with other skills to achieve better results.
  • It has a protective nine-ball shield as a defense weapon.

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    How to play as Kayi in Rocket Arena?

    This girl has interesting skills and attacks among her assets, which are vital to use and are the following:

    The opportunity to use the nine balloon: This is one of the skills that Kayi has and we can make better use of it when we manage to combine it with other skills, thus achieving:


    •  Use the nine balloon to create a bubble that allows us to save ourselves and our team.
    • Unfolding the snow globe and levitating inside it allows us to get extremely high in Rocket Arena.
    •  Unfolding the bubble of a snow globe allows us to launch our feet and thus be able to make a perfect landing.
    • Raising Kayi can be highly especially if we are on an offensive tactic.
    • Using the nine balloon in a raised position can simply be feasible as we are presented with the potential to cause considerable damage, so knowing how to play as Kayi is simply important.
    • We can execute forceful and strong blows in Rocket Arena because for this it is possible to choose to fire rockets inside the bubble of the balloon of nine.
    • Normally knowing how to play as Kayi allows us to make skills galas and it is necessary to consider that a snow globe bubble will only last 10 seconds, so it will be necessary to land where it can be easy to carry out.


     The ability to use the loaded bolt: One of the most interesting things that we can use in this game without a doubt is the loaded bolt and to load our rocket it will only be necessary to press the button for about two seconds, this is because It has the ability to shoot rockets in a straight line and quickly, as this bolt is nothing more than a very useful rocket that offers us the possibility of shooting both short and long distance while we are specifically playing with Kayi in Rocket Arena.

     The use of the Knockout- RocketBot attack: Our task to know how to play as Kayi is specifically based on having an idea about the attacks that this girl can use, especially those that can occur on the ground, `therefore it is necessary to make use of a balloon nine and execute attacks from above in order to place ourselves at a point, where shooting down our enemies turns out to be quite simple since it is an easy way to fight in Rocket Arena.

    Using Mega Rocket as a necessary option in Rocket Arena: The possibility of fighting and killing enemies at a fairly long distance can be a strategy to protect our team that may be scattered in this area, since only with this large rocket is possible to launch a missile, only sque if we are smart we can combine it with the snowball to achieve a phenomenal attack, because at the end of everything it is necessary to know how to play as Kayi

    Move the ball quickly: this is an interesting strategy to know how to play as Kayi especially because this girl has some interesting agility skills, we can use this ball as a defense weapon, since it is necessary to take a long enough shot to reach the goal being an option for basketball the most attractive tactic in Rocket Arena.

    Use the grappling hook as a special ability: this is versatile and allows us to shoot in extremely difficult places to reach, we can use it to shoot our opponents although it may not do the damage we are really expecting, However, it has some utility because this hook is a necessary skill across the map as long as it can stick to something.

    The treasure hunt as a strategy: without a doubt the movement and power skills are extremely interesting, and at this point it is necessary to know how to play as Kayi especially because it is important to get the treasure, the detail is that it will be necessary to use one combination between the tap and the snow globe to be able to move around and take the treasure, which is simply a few coins in Rocket Arena.

     In this sense, knowing how to play as Kayi simply allows us to demonstrate that we truly are powerful in Rocket Arena.

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