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Today we are going to talk to you about all the Stages that are present in Rocket Arena, let's see.

What does Rocket Arena bring to us?

This game has barely just come out and it is definitely an interesting mix, because we got ourselves with a lot of action, where the weapons, the speed and the tactics are simply essential, everything points to the fact that it is a game that will go very well and this is It is because the experts have already issued positive comments, for this reason it is necessary to know all the Stages that are shown here since they are a total of 10 and each one has its own particularity.
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    What are all the Stages in Rocket Arena?

    There are two different types of Stages and we are going to start with the Futuristic and Fantastic Stages.

    The Frozen Grove: Here we are presented with the possibility of getting opportunities to move without being seen by Rocketball or simply where it is possible to jump into the mega rocket zones, as this grove is nothing more than a large tree that has great control over the map, around this tree we can get 3 stones that allow us to connect to secret passageways.

    Apogee Acres: This scenario allows us to get synchronized rocket jumps, and rocket climbing skills as a reward, this place is a residential district of Boom City and we got it with the detail that the exit areas are defended by explosion windows .

    The tower of the ice fall: The possibility to attack and retreat simply allows us to have jump pads scattered around the map, this frozen castle allows us to access the Keep of the Falls and thereby make way for all the Stages

    Golden Zephyr: Our journey through all the Stages has allowed us to reach an aircraft flying over Fort Rocket in a complex battlefield, the positive of this is that the players managed to fall from the main ship and managed to recover by landing on other ships, because here it is necessary to use the rocket jump to rush into Rocket Arena.

    Hypersonic Heights: This is another interesting area that is part of All Stages and it is precisely a place where we are offered the possibility of mobilizing through parks and jumping on UFOs, here we have the opportunity to collect some amount of objects nearby From the Berno Boom statue, this Rocket Arena stage is located in the Boom City district.

    Another environment where the fighting takes place are Stages of Ocean, Jungle and desert, these are the following:

    The Crater star: Knowing all the Stages is simply interesting, this scenario particularly contains some rock formations that have holes and these allow us to use them as a refuge, this scenario has a very striking crystal that serves as a combat point and is located in the depths of the Crystal Reef.

    La Unión de Megadon: Rocket Arena definitely presents us with various Stages, this specifically occurs in a complex environment where it is necessary to be alert not to be crushed by the train, this means that we must listen to the horn to prevent ourselves, because we are in the jungle and here there are not only plateaus but there are some cliffs and to complete the complicated panorama a Rocket Rail Line Express train line.

    El Refugio de Stompy: the jungle is definitely a complex space and this allows us to learn more about all the Stages  because here we are presented with a panorama where we can avoid attention thanks to the worn out dinosaur bones that act as avenues, In this space we can go to the top where the Boone outpost is, since here we have an excellent view, and it is precisely the excavation site of a large dinosaur the ideal place to make perfect use of it

    The brilliant depths: The mere idea of ​​strolling through various Stages is simply pleasant, this scenario allows us to get geysers to launch new positions, because if we realize well we are located in the depths of the ocean and there it is possible to observe some submarines that we It allows to have the possibility of executing a rocket jump, since this is a scenario that seen from above simply tends to shine thanks to the brilliance of the city of gold in Rocket Arena.

    The Temples of Jaaqua: One of the advantages that this game offers us is the opportunity to walk through more than one setting, these temples are simply a relic but usually have enemies, this implies being careful with implements such as traps or some spirits already they add the enemies themselves, so we must be vigilant to every moderately different minimum detail that we can observe.

     This is all that we know so far about all the Stages, because probably as Rocket Arena progresses there may be other Stages on other maps, so let's play and save.

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