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Today we bring you a Rocket Arena guide where we will explain how to play as Blastbeard.

One of the characters with the best offensive in Rocket Arena is Blastbeard, but understanding how to play as Blastbeard is a challenge, while we do not know in detail the capabilities of this character it is not understandable to take it into account, in this guide the content that is presented will guide us from many angles on this character, it is ideal that we pay attention.

What to know about Blastbeard in Rocket Arena?

It is certainly possible that due to its great offensive power we can cause a lot of damage but receiving it is also possible and in quantity, we find ourselves with the ability to cover a series of deficiencies in the sense of How to play as Blastbeard, the enemies can easily finish them while we have the tools We correct without mistakes that will make us have a hard time, now to know more details continue reading is the right thing.

How to play as Blastbeard in Rocket Arena?

Next we will see the capabilities that we will have when we see how to play as Blastbeard:

  • The Charged Anchor: This movement can be very useful when using the enemy's distractions, but if we see that we can fail, it is good to avoid using it, it is due to the time it takes to have this secondary ability available, with the button that allows the use of this loaded Anchor we can quickly do as a normal attack, causing an explosion that helps us to get out of some complicated situation, now with the purpose of damaging the enemy it is correct that we have it loaded to use it when we run into a enemy distracted by devastating with a single hit in Rocket Arena.
  • The Shockwave: with this we can disorient our enemies and then give them the coup de grace, even make it come out without having to finish with its health bar completely, the radius of affection is considerable when the enemy sometimes plans his escape, in short it is about the special ability that we will have a moment to know How to play as Blastbeard, both for the offensive and defense the capabilities that we will have with this are perfect, it is possible to destroy the missiles that come against us to The lengths of Rocket Arena.
  • The Rocket Cannonball: with the main button while holding it down we will be able to fire the main rocket with the Blastbeard account, a weight that does not fire fast, it is possible to say that it is one of the best in the game, directly there is We have to focus on its arc so that it can be aimed correctly and a great point is that it is not necessary to recharge and to receive anything we just shoot.

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    The Treasure Hunt: As for How to play as Blastbeard we can take into account some guidelines for the treasure hunt, so that the Shockwave reaches the correct strategy due to the fact that we will not have to reload, there is a time that we will notice Difficulty in some movements as this character is perhaps not appropriate in this situation, but with the cannonball we can solve some difficulties, it is possible that we climb walls and it is something very in our favor in Rocket Arena.

    Basketball: The proper strategy to follow in this case is to focus on the protection of whoever has the ball, since with the Shockwave everything that is around us will go off, helping to have an outstanding space for those who have the ball, this is ideal because Blastbeard, despite having a large size, will not be the appropriate receiver, serving as a protector is the most indicated, contacting an ability like Shockwave, it is possible to solve almost everything.

    Mega Rocket: With Blastbeard under control, it may be late to reach the next missile point, but the arrival of this represents a total clearing of the area where the control point is, when handling the Shockwave, devastating everyone. the enemies that are in this area, then we just need to use the other normal attacks as part of the strategy that we will follow.

    The Knockout / RocketBot attack: The protection of our companions will be necessary on different occasions for them to recover, this is where the offensive power we have as Blastbeard makes its entrance, with the Shockwave we have the perfect strategy in this situation, no There is no doubt that we are managing the best option available for the Knockout rounds, due to its offensive nature and the arsenal that is counted for this in this mode, attacking directly with this character is indeed the best strategy for the greats. capabilities it possesses.

    Finally, now that we know how to play as Blastbeard we can continue with the fun and progress in Rocket Arena.

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