Lidia Rozo
2020-07-15 09:04:45

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One of the most important details in every game is the level and Rocket Arena requires some degree to reach goals, let's see How to rank up

  This July 28 begins the first season, which is quite good, especially since we are in preseason and it may be feasible to try it right now, so that you can familiarize yourself with some things, since the possibility of knowing how to rank up we You can let us have a look before the season itself starts, and best of all, there is no requirement to try this classified mode.
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How to rank up in Rocket Arena?

One of the options that is not at all feasible is to lose many games and this is because when achieving it it is possible to lose the range that we currently have or worse, we can go down, also leaving the game carries a penalty and this is not favorable either because we lower the range and this would then become more uphill because in this game there are 50 ranges and if we make a mistake instead of going to the desired goal we will fall, and we will not finish leaving the bottom.

Knowing how to rise in rank starts because we are clear that when we start this game we are in rank 1, it is also vital to understand that the range will always be below the skill value, being precisely this an interesting option when knowing who to pair up with. , especially since the range is constantly moving and this simply means that after each game you can go up or down.

Knowing how to rise in rank allows us to know that ranges usually are established when we start the season at Rocket Arena, it is usually calculated according to the value of our ability, that is if it is clear that each time a season starts our range is usually 1 This means that even when we finish season 1 with a very high range, this simply will not have any value in the second season because we start from 1, which can be positive for players who are just starting to play.

Matchmaking as an option in Rocket Arena.

It is ideal to pair players but the most ideal is to get them to be in equal conditions between skill and rank level, this maintains the balance, because pairing with other members who may have a rank above ours is an option that can be done but it is not recommended because it affects our rank so our council is to discard this option, only to focus on someone who is on equal terms.

Artifacts and objects in Rocket Arena.

 Artifacts and objects are usually obtained in classified mode, and it is our job to level them in order to give them the necessary use, since in this way we will have the possibility of earning XP points.

The objects: these do not usually change for each game what is important in itself, these are usually scattered around the map, we can use them for our own benefit and they are as follows:

  •  The bomb.
  • The magnet.
  • Increased speed.
  • The travel mine.


 The artifacts: knowing how to rank increases allows us to have some interesting artifacts, since each hero is normally equipped with some of these objects in Rocket Arena, it is necessary to unlock them, since their job is to equip our characters, especially they are usually highly useful for they are just coming.

 In this sense, knowing how to rise in rank allows us to have the possibility of reaching interesting levels and make use of objects to reach an interesting number of range that reaches 50 in the season, be sure to do it in Rocket Arena.