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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-04 13:45:44

More about: Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 simply allows us to find many necessary things and that is why we tell you how to find all steroids.

What are the steroids in Resident Evil 7?

They are one of the resources that allows us to increase our maximum health, managing to keep us alive during the different situations of the game, they can also be useful to fully work out even supplying the first aid medications, we must consider that there are only 4 in total and In order to know how to find all steroids, the specific details will be presented in this guide to guide you, let's just look carefully at the text from here on.
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How to find all the steroids in Resident Evil 7?


  •  First: this is related to the photos of the treasure, which consists of searching for the photos that will take us to the locations where these treasures are, these being a total of 3, we will do it in the main house, the first of it is in the meat warehouse of the processing area in Resident Evil 7, it is necessary to examine the chimney found in the hall, where a brick is extracted and we manage as to How to find all the steroids the first of them.
  • Second: Through the mission of the old coins we will be able to get some resources such as the Magnum and steroids, certainly Resident Evil 7 continues to highlight some things from the editions that preceded it, but it does present many changes, in terms of How to find all steroids we have that the mission leads us to unlocking the cages, so the first one contains steroids and to access it we need 3 old coins, of which there are 9 to have found up to this point in our progress, then this way we get it.
  • Third: it is necessary for this third dose of steroids that we have obtained the red and blue key cards for Lucas, thus managing to access the testing area, here we have Lucas manages to make a mockery of a game of life and death, by not being able to enter the password you have to continue the first floor and your way, arriving to find a mold to eliminate and then we will go to the fertilizer room where we will get an old coin and in the locker the steroids, here the burner can be needed to break a box or employ steroids in Resident Evil 7.
  • Fourth: in this quest to know how to find all steroids we have reached the last ones that we can get, this is possible in the salt mines, in the cultivation room to be specific we are going to find them, you just have to look under the bathtub And when steroids are used, we must highlight the increase in maximum health and we can say that we can face almost any obstacle such as the final boss, however before them we will go through a series of Molds, so it would be better to keep the steroids for a situation of greater urgency, when we reach the final security room or get cured in said tour of this area.

 Now that you know how to find all steroids, it only remains to embark on this search through Resident Evil 7, give it a try.

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