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Resident Evil 7 continues to occupy us, and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to beat mutated Jack, let's see.

Who is Jack mutated in Resident Evil 7?

This is an extremely complex boss that has ended the life of Clancy and this time he comes to face us in order to eliminate us, in this sense knowing how to defeat mutated Jack leads us to equip ourselves and prepare for a formidable fight, where the Soil is a necessary element, but we require particular materials to make it and they are:


  •  The D series arm.
  • The head of the D.


 Carrying out the ground and knowing How to beat mutated Jack is actually a complex task where we find the Fat Molded that are simply the most dangerous Molded and devouring ammunition in Resident Evil 7, which makes the task of manufacturing the serum is placed as one of the most complicated activities, because in this journey we get some lethal traps with which it will be necessary to circumvent, however, this is not surprising considering that the possibility of finding ourselves in danger is one that is stated here.
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    How to beat mutated Jack in Resident Evil 7?

    This is a battle that makes us work on some activities and these are:

    The battle of the barn: Lucas fails to enter the password, which leads us to be in charge of dodging one of the lethal traps of Resident Evil 7, with this we manage to go to the Baker barn, where it will be necessary to take care of some molded that simply tend to be quite fast This means that in our arsenal we must carry a burner, because with this we managed to get rid of some trap boxes from a certain distance. Now, when we go to the barn, we must do it slowly because this means that the guard can avoid receiving a lot of damage, because as you will remember, we have mentioned in the previous paragraph here are some molded that it is necessary to attack and this we can do it using of some pistols with which we will make some shots over their heads.

    This in the case of the molded ones that are close, in the case of those that are somewhat further removed, a shotgun blast is possible, we continue our tour of this space in Resident Evil 7 being very careful with the cables of the traps that are close to the entrance of the elevator room where it will be necessary to take the battery in order to climb the staircase, the battery allows us to turn on the elevator and that is where one of the first most complicated conflicts arises, since we get ourselves with a Fat Molded, we must flee immediately and place ourselves at a certain distance, because our job is to know how to defeat mutated Jack which makes dying at the hands of this molded not an option, so being retired we take some shots in order to eliminate him and this way to enter the room where we get the password that is nothing more than the code: 1408.

    Participate in Lucas's game: this is another necessary action to know how to beat mutated Jack, because even when we have the password with us this will not be enough for Lucas, and it will be necessary to solve a puzzle, and it is "Happy Birthday", the same one that has ended the life of Clancy, however, it is necessary to put into action in Resident Evil 7 because our destiny cannot be to die at the hands of Lucas under any circumstances, to solve it, it is necessary:


    •  Take the clown's candle.
    • Go to the room where the cake is.
    • We must avoid tearing the lead from the barrel string, therefore we only light the stove in order to make the candle burn the string that leads us to the balloon room.
    • Once these are done, it will be necessary to enter "LOSER" in the lock that has 5 characters, and we proceed to take the valve from the wall.
    • Next we install the valve in the room where the cake is.
    • We proceed to turn off the sprinkler and light the candle to place it on the cake.
    • Here we will see that the cake will simply explode, but it will not do more damage.
    • Then we will see that Lucas chose to throw a stick of dynamite in this room only that we will approach to take it.
    • We proceed to examine the wall to tear off the panel and proceed to throw dynamite.
    • Then an explosion is generated that allows us to open a path in Lucas's room and with it, we are allowed to take the head of the series D that we require to make the floor and with it shape our objective about How to beat Jack mutated.

    Rescue Mia and Zoe: this is another activity that we must carry out in this search through Resident Evil 7, even though Lucas has been defeated it does not mean that the work will be easier, because as you will remember we have a more complex goal, and it is Know How to beat mutated Jack, for which it is necessary to embark on a rescue task for Mia and Zoe, we must take a look at Lucas's monitor and choose to equip ourselves with certain implements in Resident Evil 7 and these are:


    •  The gun.
    • The shotgun.
    • The burner.
    • The crank.
    • Some medications that are in the object box.


     Now, this rescue operation leads us to face some molded, at the beginning it is not very complicated, but as this search occurs it becomes somewhat more complicated, which makes it necessary to get off the bridge and fight, here we will see 3 normal casts and two quick casts, it is vital to be as careful as possible to take them down, considering being thrifty with the ammunition because the main target has not yet arrived and is nothing more and nothing less than mutated Jack. In this vein, with the molded dead, we chose to cross the bridge in order to approach the shed to take the arm and head of Series D from a chest, we also collect ammunition and some first aid medications, we proceed to enter the shed where Mia and Zoe are, both are tied up, we must untie them, choose to give him the arm and head of series D to deal with fighting with mutant Jack finally.

    Fight against mutant Jack: we have finally specified the previous activities, and it is time to know how to beat mutated Jack for which it is ideal to understand that this is usually extremely dangerous, for this it is vital to take care of looting the sand because later there would be no time for rummaging. In this sense, it is necessary to take care of bursting the 8 eyeballs, and dodging the attacks that it gives us in Resident Evil 7 simultaneously.

    The eyeballs of this boss are usually found in:


    •  The belly.
    • Face.
    • The tail.
    • In the right torso.
    • In the back.
    • Under his tail.
    • On the left arm.
    • On the right arm.


     It is important to know that it is possible to attack him with the burner, but it is not highly recommended, we can cause shots in order to hit the eyeballs to eliminate it, by bursting the eyeballs the boss will simply be vulnerable, which allows us to have the possibility of injecting the serum to end this boss and in this way we find ourselves in a dilemma because the last serum we must give either to Mia or Zoe to save them.

     In this sense, knowing How to beat mutated Jack allows us to get rid of a dangerous boss and thus escape unscathed in Resident Evil 7, try it.

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