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Angel Marquez
2021-01-06 14:43:20

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Today we bring you a PS5 guide, where we will explain how to play 120 FPS5.

What to know about PS5?

Since the launch of this next-generation console it has become worldwide, in which we have been adapting to all the characteristics that it has with the purpose of contributing to the enjoyment of games, taking into account the scope of viewing 4K native, heatsinks that adapt and endless options, among so many chances it is possible to improve the FPS5 to 120, which creates questions for many of us in relation to How to play 120 FPS5, is what is answered below.

How to play 120 FPS5 in PS5?

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At the beginning of the console we have to go to the settings, this by going through the small gear that is in the upper corner of the screen, then we go to the option of saved data and configuration of games and applications, we have to go the game presets in the sidebar and here we find the option of the performance or resolution mode, to activate it 120 FPS5 we only have to make the change to the performance mode here, which allows some games to run with this change while it is option available for that game.

It is important to consider that this change brings negative things in the visual aspect of the game, because the resolution will not become as sharp, achieving a change from the native 4K to something that is close to 1080p, but it turns out to be something optimal if we do not have a screen that allows you to take advantage of the native 4K, when this change is made it is possible to enjoy the 120 FPS5, while there are games that depend on the deactivation of ray tracing to be able to activate this option.

Knowing how to play 120 FPS5 is interesting because we can enjoy more of one of the many features that we find in the PS5.

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