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2020-10-23 10:48:04

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Red Dead Online is a very lively game and today it takes us to discover How to find poppies in the meadow.

Why find the prairie poppies in Red Dead Online?

This is one of the daily challenges, these are a plant that we will find with difficulty, this is of great importance for crafts, since it helps us to do things that influence our performance in the game, there are certainly many experiences to The ones that we will expose in the Wild West, whatever the situation, we need to understand How to Find Prairie Poppies and in the following content are the answers.

How to find prairie poppies in Red Dead Online?

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Logically, the prairie becomes the areas in which we can find most of the poppies, we have the plains of Western Elizabeth, around Blackwater precisely, these are very easy to detect because of the large yellow flowers, if we we find some drawbacks we can use the eagle eye and if we search on the best visual day we will have for the search, west of Blackwater we have the plains that are surrounded by roads and the prairie poppies are here directly, we just have to explore the area and we will have access to many of these, on the coast that is south of Blackwater we can also search, the area of ​​the train tracks seems to be an ideal place for the spawning of these, depending on the amount that the challenge asks us to be completed It is possible to consider that in case of requiring 5, 2 of these patches will suffice, since they grow in small groups around 3, it is important to note that being in s mode olitario is the same location for these poppies, although being in RDO is suitable for the difficulty in Blackwater, we should have made considerable progress.

So we finish our guide on How to Find prairie poppies, hoping that you can get the best out of Red Dead Online, a very moving game.

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