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Angel Marquez
2020-10-01 16:08:54

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Today we bring you a Red Dead Online guide in which we will explain where to find the legendary moose.

What to know about the legendary elk in Red Dead Online?

2 legendary moose have been added to the game, it is the snowflake and the knight, they are animals that can be passive and unable to attack us, with any sample of these legendary animals it is possible to have a 30 percent discount on a weapon that we choose, selling them to Harriet, but through Gus it is possible to access a clothing related to such animals, our skin can add an extra 50 percent if we hunt and skin them, certainly we must consider the great help that we are going to have of Jean Ropke's map to know where to find the legendary moose, being necessary to bear in mind that it is not an exact location, now the answers come from here on, let's pay attention.

Where to find the legendary elk in Red Dead Online?

Elk Caballero: it is a black elk that has pale golden horns, its location is the northern area of ​​the Kamassa River, very close to Brandywine Drop, we have to play alone it is the location of the legendary elk being In story mode, in the middle of the day is when we will have the possibility of finding it, it is important that we consider the aspects of the environment that surrounds us, which does not represent much and even more so if we have the camp nearby in Red Dead Online, it is necessary that we have the Adequate ammo, because we will run into some cougars and black bears throughout the area.
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Snowflake Moose: this is entirely white and has dark horns, as for where to find the legendary moose, we have that it is located in the snowy area of Ambarino, around the Barrow lagoon, it likes the night and the rainy weather, outside the territories it is difficult to see the legendary animals appearing but they can do so by changing the conditions of the apparitions, they are certainly very defenseless, fearful actually capable of running away, it is important to note that it is not possible to set up our camp if we are looking for it, it is important to have the appropriate equipment for the cold weather and we can also take advantage of the geographical location in which we are.

This is how we finish our guide on where to find the legendary moose, hoping that you can get the best out of Red Dead Online, a fairly busy game.

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