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Red Dead Online is a game that has a lot to offer and today it takes us to discover How to find legendary bears.

What to know about the legendary bears in Red Dead Online?

More legendary animals continue to arrive in this game, now it is about bears, which are the spiritual of Ridgeback and that of Owisa, we have already seen normal bears but the level of this is much higher, we may be able to sedate them and sample them. To be able to sell the results to Harriet to get a profit, the samples are collectible and these can lead us to get a greater amount of money, now if it is our choice the costumes will go with Gus, whatever we do first it is necessary to know How to find bears legendary and this guide goes down that path with its details from now on.

How to find legendary bears in Red Dead Online?

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The Owiza Bear: it is a dark animal that presents its location through patterns possible to locate in the Dakota River, at night it is the time when it likes to be outside and the hunt is carried out in full rain, but it is It is possible that out of here it will appear with some luck

The Ridgeback Bear: it is a pale bear that has a red stripe on its back, along the Little Creek river we can find it, this one does like the weather on the day, clear and bright, so then in the nights it takes refuge and being legendary like others out of its time it is possible to find.

It must be borne in mind that although we comply with the conditions for these to appear, it is not a guarantee that this is the case, in the case of the Ridgeback bear it is necessary that in Big Valley we place our camp and replace it or join it for the new ones sessions that will help us save money, this until we coincide in the right place where it appears, while in the case of Owiza's bear it is in Heartlands where we are going to place ourselves and we will do the same until we are very close to the place of appearance From this, it is necessary that we clear the area of ​​other missions such as those of moonlight smuggler, encounters with strangers and hiding places, since being in the vicinity of the Little Creek river can be easier and on the contrary if the Dakota River is our location, although we have some possible places where these bears appear, it is necessary to make the marking on our map and at the correct times is when we will make the ex As regards these areas, time is something that possibly consumes us in these searches, so it is necessary to maintain sanity.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to find legendary bears has been useful for your progress and fun in Red Dead Online.

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