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Edelmira Leon
2022-01-21 01:40:27

More about: Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction has just launched and that's why in this article we will tell you how to Kill Sprawl, so pay attention.

What is the scattering in Rainbow Six Extraction?

It is a black substance that covers various parts of the map. It is an environmental hazard that repairs itself and can multiply itself when it detects a player. Walking on it will complicate your mobility, as it will slow you down, unlike enemies, who when walking on it will receive a speed boost, and some can even teleport through it. It is clearly a disadvantage for you so knowing how to kill Sprawl.

How to kill Sprawl in Rainbow Six Extraction? - Location

Almost all the scatter on the map comes from all the grayish black or dark green nests. If you kill an Archaean it causes Sprawl to drip down the floors and walls, so we urge you not to walk on the Sprawl and try to destroy it.

How to kill Sprawl in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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Understanding the above, the best way to finish off this substance is to destroy the Archaean nests with melee attacks using the range options. Keep in mind that ammunition is a very valuable thing, so you will have to make sure you don't waste it and shoot straight at the Sprawl. You can also use explosives, but making noise will alert the nest, which can increase its ability to expand, so you may prefer to go unnoticed.

In case there are no enemies around, well-placed shots will help you clear the paths, but in case the amount of Sprawl is low, it will be best to use melee weapons, but make sure you are on the move and don't stay in one spot for too long.

As soon as you can use the React Laser from level 25 of React Milestone use it, as this accessory does not emit any sound. The key is to be quiet enough so that you don't alert the enemy and thus prevent them from releasing Sprawl and attracting attention, so be cautious and attack their weak points.

That's all you need to know about how to kill Sprawl in Rainbow Six Extraction, so now that we're done with this article, we hope you manage to deal with this substance in the best possible way.

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