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Angel Marquez
2022-01-28 13:44:16

More about: Rainbow Six Extraction

Today we bring you a Rainbow Six Extraction guide where we will talk about How to destroy Tormentor projectiles.

What to know about Tormentor shells in Rainbow Six Extraction?

In the caution threat level these are very common for the San Francisco region, it should be noted that we have to carry out the destruction in Alaska, considering that we will not find any of the Tormentor here for the Precacious level, it is only possible for the of severe, adding we have that other necessary objectives are presented, now to know How to destroy Tormentor projectiles, let's closely follow the following details.

How to destroy Tormentor shells in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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  • Destruction with firearms: both the normal, green and movement ones we have to wait until the Tormentor launches the large slow-moving projectiles, which has similarities to a gelatinous stain, only this type very rarely does. They shoot, we have to stay alive in the middle of the conflict until they come at some point to shoot one, then when you shoot it with any weapon it will be finished.
  • Kill or help the stunned: we must deploy in order to use the stun grenades with Ela or Sledge, in case the Tormentor is moving with its Sprawl form we will not be able to do anything to it, we will have to wait for it to emerge and levitate, this is when we will use the attack to stun them, then we can shoot them in the head or approach them to apply a Takedown, it is important that we are fast or with teamwork we divide the work.
  • With the explosives, damage them: certainly the objective does not require us to kill a Tormentor, only that we must damage them a couple of times, being very opportune to use Hibana and Fuze because they have the appropriate skills, in the same way that the use of the fragmentation grenades and nitro cells, while Claymores are not effective.

Finally, now that we know how to destroy Tormentor shells we can move on to Rainbow Six Extraction.

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