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Lidia Rozo
2022-01-25 13:54:57

More about: Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction has some bugs and that is why we tell you how to fix the error code BRAVO-00000206 Server connection error.

What causes the error BRAVO-00000206 Server connection error in Rainbow Six Extraction?


 Getting specifically the cause of the problem is a very complicated matter to determine, however, there are some actions that cause said problem to appear in the game, so knowing How to fix the error code BRAVO-00000206 Server connection error we embarks to mention that:


  •  This error can occur due to a problem that has been raised by the server.
  •  It is possible that the error BRAVO-00000206 Server connection error could be due to some connection problem that can occur between the game server and the end user.
  •  Having internet connection problems can cause this error to appear while playing Rainbow Six Extraction.


How to fix error code BRAVO-00000206 Server connection error in Rainbow Six Exraction?


 It should be noted that this error usually occurs on all platforms where it is available, so there is no need to migrate from one platform to another, because the problem usually occurs in the same way, in this sense, it is necessary to apply some simple tasks, but, that can be favorable for us to continue playing normally, this considering that this type of errors are usually a normal factor in online multiplayer games and that Kingdom Six Extraction has not managed to escape from it, however, today we have some methods that you can apply and we describe them below.
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Choose to check the server status: this is a first task to perform to know How to fix the error code BRAVO-00000206 Server connection error, so we must go to the official Ubisoft Twitter account in order to make sure if there is any problem related to the server, if there is, we simply have to wait while they are resolved, otherwise and there are no problems with the server, it is necessary to restart the system in order to reestablish the link between our device and Rainbow Six Extraction.

 Opt to buy our internet connection: This is another applicable solution to know How to fix error code BRAVO-00000206 Server connection error, this is usually quite easy, it is possible to change Wi-Fi connection to wired connection, this due to that it has more stability, there is also the possibility of restarting the router and thus continue enjoying the game.

 Disable VPN: We keep providing solutions on How to Fix Error Code BRAVO-00000206 Server Connection Error as some users often play Rainbow Six Extraction with a VPN to connect to the internet and this might throw the error due to which issues may arise with the server of the region, if it happens it is ideal to choose to deactivate the VPN, this can improve and with it continue progressing in the game.

 Opt to update both the game and the system software: This is another important task to perform as outdated games can carry many bugs and Rainbow Six Extraction is usually no stranger to it.

 Repair the game files: this is another favorable solution that we can apply in case we find ourselves playing on PC, this allows us to repair any file that is corrupt for which we must:


  •  Open the Ubisoft Connect software and then click on the Games tab.
  • Next, we select Rainbow Six Extraction and then the arrow icon at the bottom on the right side.
  • We must click on Verify files and then on Repair for Ubisoft Connect to start the repair process, after the process is complete it is only necessary to restart the computer.


 This is all we can tell you about How to fix the error code BRAVO-00000206 Server connection error, so we invite you to apply one of these solutions so that you can continue enjoying Rainbow Six Extraction and everything that comes with it.

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