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2022-01-25 07:48:50

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Welcome to our Rainbow Six Extraction guide, where we will explain how to disable Narrator text-to-speech.

What to know about the text to speech of the Narrator in Rainbow Six Extraction?

When we access the screen menu options we find a narrator talking about each of these options, in case we do not want to hear it we can deactivate it, considering that it is something activated by default, to remove it let's see the following content.

How to disable Narrator text-to-speech in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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What we will do once we start the game is entered the configuration icon that we have in the upper right part of the game screen, here we will see the accessibility option, when entering we will go to the language option and press on the narration of the menu finding the option to deactivate, in case we want to activate it again we enter the same way, apart from this there are configurations of other things, such as the language of the game and more, at the end you have to press complete so that the changes.

We hope that the information detailed here on how to disable Narrator's text-to-speech has been useful for your fun in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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