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We invite you to discover how to ping the nest, a new task, in Rainbow Six Extraction.

What to know about the nest in Rainbow Six Extraction?

These are some biomasses that will serve as points of appearance of the tonnage in reproduction, resulting in quadrupled births of this tonnage, it is necessary that we eliminate them before they multiply if necessary, for this we shoot or attack in melee, at the same time there are some objectives that we must find in the nests, it is opportune that our allies are aware of what we are finding in order to have an adequate handling of the situation, now to know how to ping the nest we are presented with the necessary orientation in the following details, let's see.

How to ping the nest in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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What we will do is use the D-pad upwards when we point to the place we want to ping, we will see that if we keep this button pressed we access a chat, it should be noted that the ping is necessary for our allies when we see ourselves in a situation stealthily, we will send our location to our allies and with it, we will know about the obstacles, rewards and loot through them, we will even be able to get ammunition and resources, we can also scan our enemies to notice them through the walls using the Recon drones, with which we will mark their locations, adding XP for it additionally.

Now that we know how to ping the nest, we just have to do it to take advantage of this option to improve our performance in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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