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2022-02-22 07:21:31

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Today we bring you a Rainbow Six Extraction guide where we intend to tell you how to obtain and deploy the Auto turret.

What is involved in get and deploying the Auto turret in Rainbow Six Extraction?

 Having the possibility of using a new React team that is part of the game and that has a particular operator, so that knowing how to obtain and deploy the Auto turret allows us to indicate the steps to follow, this is because it becomes necessary to get involved in a new event, where, precisely, the turret usually plays a crucial role.

How to get and deploy auto turret in Rainbow Six Extraction?

It is necessary to take into account that the turret is usually in all game modes.

We must manage to complete one of the Study mini-objectives that usually appear when we access a new event, this in order to ensure that the Auto Turret can be obtained as a reward.

The mini-objective that we must complete to be rewarded with the turret in Rainbow Six Extraction is:
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Get 50 kills using primary weapons or secondary weapons.

As part of knowing how to obtain and deploy the automatic turret, it is good to keep in mind that in order to obtain the equipment, it is vital to get deaths, these can be accumulated in some mission being outside of Spillover, we can execute the amount of trips that we face in a dive deep in the Maelstrom Protocol, so that we can see our HUD as a score in progress and in this way proceed to make use of the Spill Studies menu in order to take a look at the things that we may be doing while we are between missions.

We know how to obtain the equipment, but it is necessary to deploy it, so that having achieved the number of deaths and having unlocked the Automatic Turret, it is vital to equip it and proceed to deploy it in Rainbow Six Extraction, for which it is necessary to touch the right D-pad and proceed to press X or Square.

Knowing how to get and deploy the Auto turret is not really a very complex process, but we must complete the previous tasks to be able to put it into operation, for this it is important to keep in mind that it is only possible to carry one at a time, the turret must be loaded with the amount of 60 bullets, they are usually directed at a moving target.

This turret has an advantage of a trip effect so that it can slow down a target, it also has a 90 degree rotation which makes it necessary to have precision to align it.

When achieving the objective of exhausting or eliminating an enemy, it is possible to take care of equipping a new one and for this it is only vital to go to a React supply warehouse, when supplying ourselves we are allowed to deploy in the same area, however, it is important to have Note that there are usually some restrictions related to the number of gadgets that can be placed at the same time

It should be noted that the Auto Turret without equipping it has an ideal capacity for defensive missions, it can be used to cover an early withdrawal, or when an extraction arises.

The turret is usually a perfect ally because it usually incorporates more firepower, being ideal to be used when we are in places that can be narrow, they can also work as a tactic to cross, ensuring that there is nothing that can prevent it.

 Now that you know how to get and deploy the Auto turret, it's time to get it and put it to good use in Rainbow Six Extraction, give it a try.

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