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Angel Marquez
2022-01-31 15:03:56

More about: Rainbow Six Extraction

Find out what the best Doc loadout is in this excellent and explanatory Rainbow Six Extraction guide.

What to know about Doc in Rainbow Six Extraction?

He is an operator who is made for support, he has agility in his shots that allow him to add a significant amount of health or even revive himself when he is down, it is interesting to have him on the team, but it is much better knowing who is the best Doc loadout and for that let's closely follow the following content.

What is the best Doc loadout in Rainbow Six Extraction?

The main weapon of this operator in Rainbow Six Extraction is the SG-CQB, with holographic sights and the vertical handle, it has a shotgun that can be considered among the best in the game, it can cause significant damage and has an adequate recharge, having this great aspect we have that on the best Doc loadout he becomes one of the most outstanding operators to raise our level, in the case of the other weapons they work great even though they have deficiencies in specific combat situations.

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We have the P9 and the suppressor in the secondary weapon, it is important to note that the silencer option is required, so it is opportune that this P9 is within our reach from the beginning just like the main weapon, we will not need experience points to access the correct charge, the next thing to note is the range that this weapon has, ideal for the entire map and in the case of the suppressor it helps to reduce the damage, it is certainly not suitable for open combat, but if we go weak points will be served by a single shot in Rainbow Six Extraction.

It is more than opportune to have something as valuable as the field wall, with this we can reduce the damage that enemies can cause us at a distance, it is a very useful tool for this operator, which is beneficial for the entire team, this is suitable for the best Doc loadout, considering stealth in these modes can be completely useless.

A body armor can help us to use the healing in a more opportune way in others, it is certainly something that requires a cooldown, so we cannot use it lightly, the reduction that Doc has is remarkable with the 50 percent damage reduction, which makes it a complex death, thus achieving the team's focus on the mission completely.

This is how we end our guide on the best Doc loadout, hoping that you can get the most out of a game as busy as Rainbow Six Extraction.

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