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Lidia Rozo
2022-01-31 15:37:00

More about: Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction has some changes and that is why we tell you all about the best Tachanka loadout.

What does it mean to have the best Tachanka loadout in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Having the opportunity to apply some accessories to Tachanka in case you are using him as an operator, in this sense, knowing the best Tachanka loadout offers us the opportunity to place a turret, which we or our allies can use in order to achieve that an elite target can disappear just by pulling the trigger, it is good to keep in mind that Rainbow Six Extraction is usually quite complex in relation to the difficulty hierarchy to examine the targets, but for this it is necessary to apply some accessories that can make the somewhat simpler things.

What is Tachanka's best loadout in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Main weapon - AK-12:
this is nothing more than a primary weapon with which it is possible to generate a good hit, this considering that the turret usually does damage at a distance and is the one that the operator usually uses, although it is true, a shotgun would be the most recommended, it should be noted that at no level does Tachanka have access to one of them, this AK-12 weapon is favorable thanks to the compensator, the angled grip or the holographic sights it has, it has a cadence of fire and favorable mobility, in addition to having a bullet capacity among automatic weapons.
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There are other weapons with which it is possible to play and that are related to the best Tachanka loadout, these are:

PMM- Secondary weapon: which is nothing more than a suppressor, this is favorable because it is vital to execute the missions in silence, in addition the fact of spending a lot of time healing in Rainbow Six Extraction is not exactly the most ideal, in this sense, it is done It is necessary to use the PMM with a smaller magazine because when fired it can ensure that we are winners, in the same way, the silencer offers us the opportunity to execute the death with just one hit at any distance and in a particular weak point.

Explosive Tech-Glue Grenade:
This is another buff weapon that can be used on top of Tachanka's best gear, this is a weapon that seems to be a real buff for Tachanka, especially since it can be applied to the turret that already has a lethal range and can execute long-distance shots, in this sense, seeing the boss's face allows us to throw the grenade and proceed to make Tachanka climb the turret to fire some number of bullets, this allows us to get points of experience in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Body armor: this is the equipment that we have and that can be favorable for us to execute some multiple attacks, this is because the bosses usually arrive with some minions that it is necessary to face, it is there where the armor can resist the attacks. Hits and make the damage taken not too serious, this team allows us to have a high value and non-stealth unit that are often valuable uses.

Now that you know the best Tachanka loadout, it is time to apply it with this operator and thus get the most out of Rainbow Six Extraction.

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January 20, 2022
Single-player, multiplayer
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