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2022-01-31 08:03:23

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This time we return with a Rainbow Six Extraction guide, with the aim of explaining the best Gridlock Loadout.

What to know about Gridlock in Rainbow Six Extraction?

He is one of the best operators that we can count on in the game, while we are progressing we will be before missions that will be complex, with the mines we can cause great damage and the units are also trapped, being opportune for our squad to take advantage of it to reach victory, added to this it is necessary to know what is the best Gridlock Loadout and for this there are the following details.

What is the best Gridlock loadout in Rainbow Six Extraction?

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Among what this operator offers is the F90 as the main weapon, it has holographic sights, suppressor and the vertical handle, it is one of the few operators in which the role can be reversed for everything it offers us in Rainbow Six Extraction, the weapon The main one is among the best and even more so when using it silently, it is automatic, with deadly shots, if we hit a weak point a single shot will be enough regardless of the distance, having incredible precision with the precise sights it has.

While we are adding experience we will quickly have the secondary weapon, the super Shorty, it is a shotgun, which enters the best Gridlock Loadout, which serves as a backup when the situation is compromising, it has a 3-cartridge magazine , but the reload is very fast and the damage it deals is strong, outstanding mobility and the fact of moving back is quite ideal with good performance.

In explosive technology we have that Gridlock has the fragmentation grenade, certainly the effect of this is somewhat slow that is applied by its mines, something important because the enemies that enter before the grenade explodes will not be able to leave, itself Considering that this is one of the best operators against the bosses in Rainbow Six Extraction, you can add a little more advantage with this, when the mine is activated we can use a grenade and with it we will achieve a good amount of deaths if we shoot.

Seeing ourselves surrounded by situations that become compromising, it is appropriate that in the best Gridlock equipment we have a resuscitation kit, which can help us recover if we fall, so we can consider a new strategy to put together an operation rescue, even managing to eliminate some enemies from the ground prior to the use of this kit.

 It is evident that knowing which is the best Gridlock Loadout allows us to have more fun and progress in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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