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2022-01-25 07:26:13

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In the BitLife universe we have many tasks, one of them is how to complete the Mischief managed challenge and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about Mischief managed challenge in BitLife?

It is a new challenge that focuses on creating problems, requiring us to complete different tasks to complete it, such as insulting the director of our school or head of studies, before the age of 12 hacking 10 or more porches, mess with 5 classmates, have participation in 5 or more pranks and that we escape from the reform school, now it is necessary that we have more details that will guide us, and thus we will be seeing how to complete the Mischief managed challenge, let's just follow the content that it comes next.

How to complete the Mischief managed challenge in BitLife?

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When we start at the school we can start with the objective of insulting the director, which takes us to the school tab in the occupation section, here the character will be to insult him, something that we will do only once, the next objective is the to hack 10 porches, for this we look for the crime tab in the activities, what we will do is steal objects from people's porches before they are delivered, therefore, we will be presented with 6 options to choose one of them, the next objective of the challenge in BitLife is to mess with 5 classmates, this takes us back to the school tab to look for this character, which will mean entering into a conflict.

Now the pranks come, the challenge requires a total of 5 of these, we will go to the crime option, we will do this as many times as required while we choose between the options that will be presented to us, and we will be randomly messing with people, the remaining objective As for how to complete Mischief's managed challenge, which consists of escaping from the reformatory, it leads us to be in this place first, for this we will use the pirate strategy or any option from the crimes tab, we will certainly end up being arrested, and we will have to overcome the guard to be able to escape, with this the challenge will be completed adding the appearance reward.

Knowing how to complete the mischief managed challenge is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in BitLife.

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