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Today we make a Phasmophobia guide explaining how to play with friends.

Why play with friends in Phasmophobia?

  Playing with friends can become an interesting task and in this game it tends to be much better, we are facing a psychological horror game that allows us to explore the fears of some people and even why not even our own, however, playing with friends can make us this somewhat simpler ghost hunting task, to the point that we can become paranormal investigators, it is also necessary to consider that it is only possible to play in a team of only 4 players.
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    How to play with friends in Phasmophobia?

      This is a job that leads us to:


    •   Start a public game to play with friends with a private lobby.
    • You need to press Play in the main menu.
    • Then observe on our screen the option Create private.
    • Our job consists of copying the Invitation Code that is shown to us on the screen.
    • Proceed to send this code to our friends so that they can join our private lobby.
    • Finally press the Play button and click to Join the Private Game, choosing to pay the code to start the game.

      In general terms, knowing how to play with friends allows us, among other things, to enjoy a game without complexity in Phasmophobia.

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