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Phasmophobia offers us another search, let's see How to find Mimic.

What is Mimic in Phasmophobia?

 This is nothing more than a ghost that can be hunted in this game, it is a task that we can carry out during one of the contracts, so it is necessary to know how to find Mimic to achieve this particular objective, however, we must consider that the bodily appearance of a ghost is not usually related to the type of ghost we are dealing with.

 It is necessary to take into account that there is the possibility of entering a Phasmophobia contract where we can focus on identifying a ghost that may be lurking, there are certain words and phrases with which we can complete certain missions, I will be able to climb nicles, access some areas that we manage to unlock, in addition to earning money, but knowing how to find Mimic is usually a little more specific and that is why we talk about some mechanics to execute to achieve it.

How to find Mimic in Phasmophobia?

 There are some particular tasks that we must execute to get this type of ghost and they are:
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    • Spirit Box: When we ask the ghost questions, this tool usually responds with audible responses.
    • Fingerprints: by making use of ultraviolet light we can see the handprints.
    • Temperatures below zero: this is another of the necessary clues to know how to find Mimic and that is that the place where the ghost usually is is below zero when using the thermometer.
    • The orbs: we can detect them with night vision or by using video cameras.


     Knowing how to find Mimic makes it necessary to consider that this ghost usually leaves some trace of orbs where it usually moves, in addition we do not necessarily require confidence to embark on this search through Phasmophobia, this is because we have some limits and qualities, it is also it is vital to identify the criteria described above to avoid confusing him with another ghost, sometimes we may not be able to fully identify him and it is possible to be in the presence of a Mimic, sometimes we may come to believe that he tends to imitate other ghosts to confuse us, he has some talents from other ghosts.

    It arises necessary, keep in mind that knowing how to find Mimic is usually an interesting and challenging task that we achieve in this game, but sometimes this can be complex, because we will have to survive an imitator, we must consider the strengths and weaknesses with the ones that Mimic has in Phasmophobia and these are:


    •  Weakness: Often leaves a trail of orbs where it passes.
    • Strength: allows us to confuse ourselves by imitating other ghosts.


     Mimic is a ghost that can use and demonstrate some of the abilities of another Phasmophobia ghost when it deems necessary, it has the ability to start early hunts and this makes it more dangerous, so we will have to be prepared to face it, so it becomes vital take care of approaching Mimic and employ some techniques that usually discourage attacks from other ghosts, such is the case of:


    •  Turn off technological equipment that we no longer require as if this ghost were Raiju.
    • In the ghost chamber we must have candles and a lighter at hand as if it were Onryo.
    • By being close to the ghost we can avoid saying more as if it were Yokai.
    • Avoid spending too much time alone in the ghost's chamber as Shadow.
    • Keep the ghost chamber lights on like it's a Nightmare.


     Now that you know how to find Mimic, it's time to embark on this quest that is only available in Phasmophobia.

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