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Previously we had already talked about them, but this time we are going to contact us to get more Ooblets.

What are the Ooblets?

These are the main companions for you and the residents of Badgetown that are in the game and by the way as you may have noticed, including the same name the game and the creatures.

How to get more Ooblets?

To obtain these creatures we will have to find wandering around their city and you will be able to interact with them to earn their seeds if you beat them, and which you can plant on your farm to become your companion.

However, you must have an account that new ones don't appear every new day, and the best way to unlock new ones is to level up and gain access to wishes.
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    Wishes are required to unlock access to new Ooblets, these options are available on the wishing rewards screen and can be chosen by checking your Grumboire or at the wish center in the city center.

    Those available for 50 wishes and once unlocked will have to wait a day to see them in town.

    Wishes are received by completing three daily tasks or by earning badges.

    This is all you need to know about how to get more Ooblets, we hope that our article has been as useful as possible and that you have understood the mechanics of these creatures well in order to find them much faster and easier.

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