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2022-09-06 08:44:44

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Today we bring a guide where we will tell you how to get gummies in Ooblets.

What are gummies in Ooblets?

  These are nothing more than a type of currency that is usually part of this game and that to our good fortune we can get from the beginning of the game, so it is necessary to know how to get gummies in Ooblets, this considering that this is a game of life simulation that allows us to make some combinations.

How to get gummies in Ooblets?

  It is possible to take care of talking to Rugnolia in Lerynery at the beginning of the game, here we must take care of scanning new Ooblets, it should be noted that:
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In the universe of Ooblets we have many tasks, one of them is How to restore Energy in Ooblets and here it will be covered in details.

Pay attention and keep reading, so you can learn how to move faster in Ooblets, because here you will find everything you need.

  • Common Oobletss usually cost 50 gummies.
  • Uncommon Oobletss usually cost 100 gummies.
  • Shiny Oobletss usually cost 300 gummies.


 It is necessary to take into account that in our farm we can plant Ooblets seeds and produce crops, it is possible to turn vegetables into something more valuable by cooking them into food or crafts, these crops, by making them, we are allowed to sell them in the city stalls, however, it should be noted that there are some resources that do not usually have the ability to generate money in quantity.

 It is necessary to take care of completing Plenny's bulk orders, this is part of the daily tasks, they allow us to earn gummies, here we must consider that there is a handful, it can provide us with fewer gummies, it is possible to take care of exploring and unlocking some packages with Wishies and This allows you to have the ability to win more than a thousand gummies completely.

 It is possible to use Wishies to buy gummies, in this case we must have the amount of 50 Wishies to buy the amount of 100 gummies.

 We can conclude this guide on How to get gummies in Ooblets, it will be enough to take care of applying these mechanics and thus be properly equipped.

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