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2022-09-06 09:26:14

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If you don't know how to fix Farmhouse in Ooblets don't worry, because here we have what you need to know.

What happens to the farmhouse in Ooblets?

Your farm in the game may need a lot of repairs, so if you ever wonder how to fix a farmhouse in Ooblets, in the following article you will find everything you need.

How to fix Farmhouse in Ooblets?

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When you go to Badgetown for the first time, the mayor will give you your farm, but it is not adequate enough for someone to live in it, since it has holes in several places, which will have to be repaired in order to live in peace.

In order to repair your farm you will need 5 Clothlets, 8 Nurnies and 12 Planklets. Slats can be obtained by breaking logs and branches. Every log you break will give you planks. Nurnies can be found for example by breaking rocks on your Farm, but this will cost energy, so you'll want to have enough food to recover. To find the Clothlets you will need to buy Clothplant Seeds from Meed's Seed for 32 gummies or clear rocks and weeds from your farm to get Clothplant Seeds.

You must plant the seeds, which will only take three days to grow, and you can harvest them.

Clothlets can also be found in the city.

The case that when you have all the materials, you can return to the deposit box, which is located in front of the farm, to leave the repair materials.

This is everything you need to know about how to fix Farmhouse in Ooblets, so we hope you can get all the necessary materials to make your house a decent home.

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