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Outfits are necessary in all games and that is why today we will tell you how to get clothes in Ooblets.

Why get clothes in Ooblets?

  Because as we progress we require various changes of clothing, so it becomes necessary to know how to obtain clothing in Ooblets, this considering that clothing is necessary, this considering that this is a simulation game and if we start to see things in our daily life clothing is important.

How to get clothes in Ooblets?

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    There are several ways to get clothes in the game, but the easiest to carry out is to take care of cultivating him from Clothplants, these can be bought in Badgetown for a value of 32 gummies, there are times when we can get him at half price which implies having 16 gummies, once we have the seeds we must plant them and wait a total of 3 days in the game, this is the period of time to obtain clothing from the crops we have planted, if we have fertilizer we must use it because this usually speeds up the growth process.

     We must be aware that weeds can sprout and this affects our crop, in this case we must obtain some extra cloth plant seeds by uprooting and eliminating weeds, this rarely happens, but when it happens we manage to daily cloth.

     There is the possibility of obtaining cloths through exploration and to achieve this it is necessary to take care of exploring Oob, in addition to having to spend 10 wishes in Wishing Well, only doing this activity can spend a little more time and we do not get enough clothes, it is an activity that we can only execute if we are desperate to get clothes.

     In general terms, knowing how to get clothes in Ooblets is a task that does not require much effort, rather some patience to carry out this cultivation process.

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