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If you don't know how to get Mamoonia Ooblets in Ooblets just pay attention, because here we will cover everything you need to know.

What is the Mamoonia Ooblets in Ooblets?

It is an item related to one of the challenges that you can find when trying to expand Wildlands and for which you will have the task of obtaining Mamoonia Ooblets.

How to get Mamoonia Ooblets in Ooblets?

The first thing you need to do is complete the tutorial to unlock Mayor Tinstle's tasks > then you will need to complete three Tinstle tasks to get a task in which you will have to repair the Oobnet tower, northeast of the city. So head to the tower and win the dance battle > then you will have to go to the west of the city to access the Tinstle task, which will ask you to repair Gimble's hot air balloon.

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In order to repair the balloon you will need to get the following materials:
  • x1 Oobsidian
  • x8 Clothlets
  • x12 Nurnies.
  • x20 Planklets
When you send the materials you will have to wait a day and then you will have to talk to Gimblo to get on the hot air balloon > select Mamoonia to travel to this area and when you arrive you will have to activate the Oobnet tower here. You will also be able to get new Ooblets in dance battles.

So we end this guide on how to get Mamoonia Ooblets in Ooblets, so we hope we have been helpful and we hope you can get this item quickly.

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