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Our guide today on Far Cry 6 allows us to explain  to you every pre-order edition

What can we expect from Far Cry 6?

The action definitely does not seem to stop, and specifically this game has a considerable amount, since the idea is to use weapons and force, achieving some extremely complex challenges, because it is set in a Cuba of the 60s and where the historical context is clearly Related to the Cuban guerrillas, the island of Yara being the scene where all the action will take place, therefore, being moderately complex, it is necessary to know and know each edition of the advance order, since the panorama is attractive.

How to know edition every pre-order edition of Far Cry 6?

The edition you want to buy changes according to our choice, since we are not obliged to buy a specific one, of course it is good to make it clear that some editions usually bring some exclusive components that we will probably always see again and perhaps this type of thing can boost Opting To buy a particular edition, in any case here we are going to describe each one of them and when you go to order them and identify the idea of ​​which is the indicated sea.

Standard Edition: this is the simplest and cheapest edition we can get.

  • It is worth $ 60 on Amazon.
  • It is a copy of the game and brings a Crazy Discs weapon as well as a suit for Chorizo.

Gold Edition: This special edition has some interesting features and son:

  • Its anticipated cost is $ 100 on Amazon.
  • It has the Far Cry 6 Season Pass.
  • It is possible to obtain a weapon and equipment from the base game.
  • We will have free access to the following 3 DCLs.
  • Gold Steel book edition: it has a lot of similarity to the gold edition.
  • This edition is worth $ 100 on Amazon.
  • Comes with a Far Cry 6 alternate steel book.

Ultimate Edition: This is a definitive edition and brings the following:

  • The base game.
  • It costs $ 120 on Amazon.
  • A jungle expedition package, crocodile hunter and vices.
  • Bring a season pass with a definitive pack and 3 individual pack.
  • Some suits and weapons.

Collector's Edition: Our walk through each pre-order edition has allowed us to reach the most attractive edition and the one we all dream of, because this brings what comes.

  • A model of Toaster screen, that is, the flamethrower.
  • A collection box in the style of Tabatron art.
  • It can be purchased specifically at the Ubisoft store for $ 200.
  • Bring you will get the season pass and the final package.

This is all we can discuss about each pre-order edition, as you can obviously choose the one that best suits you and prepare to enjoy Far Cry 6 soon

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