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2022-09-05 10:19:44

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We welcome you to our guide on Where to find recipes in Ooblets.

What to know about the recipes in Ooblets?

  Through these we can make our own food to use them in the recovery of our strength and resistance, for this we depend on the recipes that are scattered throughout the city, adding to this the ingredients that they require, with both we can cook, now looking for to be aware of Where to find recipes in Ooblets let's carefully follow the details presented in the following content.

Where to find recipes in Ooblets?

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These are presented in the game as pieces of paper covered by a bright light, taking it as any object we can find them on shelves or books, to find them you don't have to do anything special, we just have to be attentive when noticing the piece , take them and save it, considering that 4 pieces of recipes are required before using it, we can combine them to obtain the complete recipe, remaining as to Where to find recipes in Ooblets look for the ingredients to cook, which takes us to the inventory, in things we find all the pieces, we will choose or mark the 4 and with right click we will go through the option to assemble, with this the recipe is unlocked.

 It is possible that the recipe will appear randomly or that there is an order to unlock them, but as we progress we will have access to them, with the recipe we have to see the ingredients to get, we will open our Grumboire in the almanac option to find out , remaining only to find the ingredients to cook them in our farm on the stove, in this case the foods that are displayed in color are those that have ingredient recipes, while the dark foods do not, leaving in the latter only to choose the food to do it.

 This is all there is to know about Where to find recipes in Ooblets, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it.

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