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This time we return with a guide with the objective of explaining how to restore energy in Ooblets.

Why restore power in Ooblets?

This is something very important to be able to get more tasks completed in the same day, which helps us to have more time for progress, looking to know how to restore energy in Ooblets, let's follow the following content carefully.

How to restore power in Ooblets?

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We will be limited at the beginning of the game to a very small bar, which can be tedious, but we can still do a lot in a day, being able to plant seeds, grow crops and prepare food, our best option for energy restoration is to eat food , these being raw consumables, among which the Crumberries or Quibs stand out, which we can obtain by shaking the trees, but if they are cooked by us we will have greater advantages, we can even cook our own harvest.

Having the food in our inventory what we will do with the X button to see them in the menu, when choosing the food we will press Y to consume it, which helps us to restore some energy to continue progressing, now another interesting option with the same purpose is the siesta, we return to our country house and pressing the A we interact with the bed to carry out, only that the energy to restore is minimal.

Thus we end our guide on How to restore energy in Ooblets, hoping that you can get the most out of such an interesting game.

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