Daniel Hidalgo
2022-09-02 08:11:45

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In case you don't know how to get Clothlets in Ooblets, all you have to do is read on.

What are Clothlets in Ooblets?

It is a common resource item that you can find in the game that will be useful to fulfill Plenny's bulk orders, some tasks to complete construction projects in Badgetown or for personal tasks of the inhabitants of the city. The problem is that this item is not that easy to find, so you should keep reading to learn how to get Clothlets in Ooblets.

How to get Clothlets in Ooblets?

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The easiest location is to buy cloth plant seeds from Meed's Seeds, so you'll need to head into town to access the first shop as you enter town from the farm. Each seed is priced at 32 gummies, and they take three days to grow, although you can use fertilizing to speed up their growth.

You can also use wishes in the Wishy Well to buy cloth, these are priced at 10 wishes, so we recommend farming them in case you're not in a hurry for a project. If you want to use your wishes, you can complete the daily activities at the start of the day and use the wishes to buy various clothes. Wishes are more useful on harder to find items, though.

They can also spawn as a forageable item in Badgetown, but this is not a very reliable method. But still check the location in Badgetown, so you don't miss anything.

This is everything you have to know about how to get Clothlets in Ooblets and now that you know it, we hope that you can get this item as quickly as possible.