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2022-09-05 23:52:40

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Pay attention if you want to learn where to find boreguses in Ooblets, because here we will tell you where to do it.

 What are boreguses in Ooblets?

This is one of the many types of mushrooms that you will find in the game, this is specifically a rare brown mushroom with white spots and a little red thing. This mushroom can be used in some quests like the Arah quest, where you will have to make a silly potion with three of them, among other uses.

Where to find boreguses in Ooblets?

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In order to find this mushroom you will have to head to the outskirts of Badgetown, where it is clearly distinguishable by its brown color among the yellow-green colors on site. Corner mushrooms are a time-honored tradition, which you should look for along the corners of houses or near the edges of buildings, such as the town hall, or near houses;

Just be sure not to confuse this mushroom with a poisonous one.

These mushrooms can be sold for 12 gummies each.

 This is all you need to know about where to find boreguses in Ooblets, so we hope we have been helpful in helping you find this mushroom quickly.

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