Daniel Hidalgo
2022-09-05 08:07:11

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Pay attention and read on to learn how to store items in Ooblets, because we've got you covered here.

What are items in Ooblets?

It's basically the many items you can find in the game. And since there are so many items and resources for you, it is important that you know how to store items in Ooblets to manage your inventory in the best possible way.

How to store items in Ooblets?

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When you enter the game for the first time you will have a briefcase, in which you can store all your belongings in the game at that moment. But as you progress, you will be able to upgrade your house, and you will be able to access new storage options, although you will only be able to keep 6 items. The same suitcase will allow you to store items as additional storage, and to get it you will have to go to your house on the estate.

You can also use the case by accessing a new menu, in which you can save more than one article at the same time.

The game will allow you to increase the load, which is comparable to more storage. You can also use cheats to store items.

That's all there is to know to store items in Ooblets, so now that we're done, we hope we've been a great help to you in getting the most out of your storage.